Forever 21

Week 6: Assignment 1

COMM 315 Group 21

Danielle Crook, Victoria Le, Marissa Rios, Brooke Guerrero, Vallen Vaughan
Campbell - Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Deceiving Video

In the show, The Office, a character named Dwight is lying to his boss that he is leaving work for a dentist appointment. His boss recognizes he is lying through his usual behavior.

Disconfirming Behavior Video

In the first scene of the video clip, a person is calling someone but his phone call is purposely ignored. In the second scene, a friend is talking to another friend but is interrupted when another person walks by. In the third scene a friend is telling his friend that he didn't finish his part in the group project. The friend lists a long list of reasons why he could not do it. When the other friend states the project is due soon, he continues to avoid stating he'll do it & instead jumps to explaining how busy he is. In the fourth scene, the friend is using verbal abuse towards his friend for not doing the project. He jumps to interpretation of saying his friend is lazy instead of understanding why his friend can't complete it. The fifth scene depicts the friend telling his friend how mean he is for being verbally abusive towards him.
How I Met Your Mother - Ending Scene

Inference video

Throughout the entire series of How I Met Your Mother, a father, Ted Mosby, is discussing how he met his late wife to his children. The show mainly depicts his relationship and adventures with his best friends instead including one best friend named Robin Scherbatsky. Ted's late wife is rarely mentioned or depicted in the show. Robin is showed as Ted's love interest even when she becomes romantically involved with other men. The kids infer that Ted is still in love with Robin from the amount of attention & detail Ted focuses on her when telling his story.