Jaguar News

Volume 2, Issue 34 - April 19, 2019

Dear Families,

Many parents rely on cellphones to stay in contact with their children while they are at school, activities, or not with the family. However, the phone often grants unsupervised access to social media that places students at risk and causes interpersonal conflicts.

Today I would like to bring to your attention a new dangerous app that allows students (and strangers) to receive feedback anonymously online from others. The Tellonym app can be linked to a user’s Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter account, allowing students to get inbound anonymous messages from their friends (and strangers). When teens connect anonymous apps to their Instagram or Snapchat they open themselves up to being targeted by strangers across platforms (and bullying/threats from people they may not know).

Please, be mindful of these risks and be proactive having conversations with your children about social media!

Calling all 8th Grade Families!

The 8th Grade Dance is just over 2 weeks away. Donations and volunteers are needed to make this an awesome celebration to mark the end of your child's middle school years! Check out the sign-up genius and let us know how you can help. Thank you!

Springtime Reminder from the Nurse

As spring blooms and the temperatures rise, many of our teachers on occasion will utilize the great outdoors as a change in pace for their classroom setting. If your child manages a special health concern (example: asthma, diabetes, etc.), please be sure that you remind them to always have those supplies that they may need to treat their symptoms (should they arise) nearby. As an example, this may mean that your student carries their inhaler throughout the day or that you have provided those treatment supplies (with a physician’s order) to our school nurse so that your child has access to them throughout the day. Whatever the case may be for your student, if their supplies are not readily available to them, they will do them little good in an emergency. If you have any further questions, never hesitate to contact our school nurse, Dawn Sapp, R.N. at 214-3240 or

Student Council (StuCo) is Accepting Applications!

Student Council’s goals are to make Gentry a better place through our three pillars: student and teacher recognition, spirit and beautification and service. If you think your student may be interested in Student Council, please encourage them to apply now! We will be accepting applications until Monday, April 22nd. In order to be considered, your student will need to complete the application and have one of their teachers complete the teacher recommendation. We would love to have some new voices and creative ideas! Both of these links are also on the GMS homepage.

Let's Finish Strong!

If you pick your student up from Gentry after school each day, please remember that the entrance to the subdivision directly across from Gentry (Bedford Walk) is marked as a no parking zone. Help us be a great neighbors and keep our students safe by refraining from parking along the curb at the narrow entrance leading into this neighborhood. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

Week 3 (of 4) of MAP Testing

Monday (4/22): 8th Grade Math Testing

Tuesday (4/23): 6th Grade ELA and 8th Grade Science Testing

Wednesday (4/24): 6th Grade ELA and 8th Grade Science Testing

Thursday (4/25): 6th ELA Testing

Friday (4/26): Make Up Testing

Congrats to Balsa Bridge Team!

We am very proud to announce that our students won 3rd place at the Mizzou Balsa Bridge Competition. Our Gentry’s students participated in the 2019 Balsa Bridge Competition at the College of Engineering of the University of Missouri on Saturday April 13. Gentry was represented by two fantastic teams and led by 8th grade Science teacher Mrs. Samira Salim.

Gentry Jaguars Girls team:

Whitney Farmer, Anna Stag, Ariana Eckerson, Brooke Bess

Gentry Jaguars Boys team:

Nathaniel Boren, Ibraheem AlShammaa, Luke McBee, Anas Nasraldeen

Twenty teams from all around the state of Missouri competed at the event. Our Gentry Jaguars Boys team was very successful. They received 3rd Place and will be bringing home a Trophy.

Sixth Grade Get Acquainted Night

It's ALL about our incoming 6th grade students! If you have a current 5th grade student who will be attending Gentry next year, please plan on joining us for our 6th Grade Get Acquainted Night on Monday, April 29th from 6-8:00 pm. This night is designed for both the student and parent alike. Our principal, Dr. Bishara will be presenting pertinent information regarding the upcoming year and our 6th grade team of teachers will be on hand to answer questions and lead students on a scavenger hunt to familiarize everyone with our building. Hope to see you there!

Hard to Believe!

After such a long winter, it is hard to believe that spring is finally here and the end of the school year is right around the corner. With that being said, each year our PTSA hosts several fun, special activities for our outgoing 8th grade class of students as a way to wish them a fond farewell and ease them into their new school environment. Please see the attached permission form outlining the activities that have been planned for them in May. The below attached permission form and fee are due in the main office no later than April 26th.

StuCo’s Student/Staff of the Week

The purpose of the GMS Student Council (StuCo) is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. One of the projects that this club currently oversees is their Student/Staff of the week project.

This week's StuCo students of the week are Evan Mees for “being funny and a kind person to everyone, no matter who they are” and Sophia Bader for “being nice, respectful to all her peers and for always trying her hardest.”

This week's StuCo staff members of the week are Ms. Davis for “always making her students feel better, and being there for whoever needs her help” and Mrs. Elkin for “always making her class a fun environment for students to learn a new language.

Gentry's Got Talent!

Our annual end-of-the year talent show is always a fan favorite for all involved and a great way to wrap up the end of another school year. If your child has a special talent, take a minute to encourage them to sign up in the main office for an audition time slot. Please see additional, detailed information and our Audition Application Form below. Let the auditions begin!

Advisory for April 22-26

During the week of April 22-26th, Gentry students will explore gratitude and winning thoughts. They will identify their trusted adults and interests and learn better self-recognition of their internal thoughts and the outcome of those thoughts.

Monday: SSR

Tuesday: Advisory Lesson (Gratitude)

Wednesday: Academic Day

Thursday: Advisory Lesson (Winning Thoughts)

Friday: Academic Day

PBIS Expectations for the Week of April 22-26

The PBIS expectation for the week of 4/22 is being Kind before/after school.

This means we will be looking for students who are able to:

· Use polite words and language

Looking Ahead (April 22-28)

Monday, April 22: (A Day)

2:35-4:30 pm- 7th/8th Track and Field Practice/Gym and Outside

Tuesday, April 23: (B Day)

8:45-2:15 pm- 7A Field Trip to the Water Treatment Facility

2:35-4:30 pm- 7th/8th Track and Field Practice/Gym and Outside

2:35-4:00 pm- After School Tutoring/Media Center

2:35-4:00 pm- 7th Grade Orchestra Rehearsal/Stage

Wednesday, April 24: (A Day)

8:45-2:15 pm- 7B Field Trip to the Water Treatment Facility

2:35-4:30 pm- 7th/8th Track and Field Practice/Gym and Outside

2:35-4:00 pm- 6th Co-ed Intramural Volleyball/Gym

2:35-4:00 pm- 7th Grade Band Rehearsal/Rm. 172

2:35-4:00 pm- Games Club/Annex K

2:35-4:00 pm- PAWS (LGBTQ Community)/Rm. 216

3:30 pm- 7th/8th (JV) Track and Field Mexico Open/Mexico HS

Thursday, April 25: (B Day)

2:35-4:30 pm- 7th/8th Track and Field Practice/Gym and Outside

2:35-4:00 pm- 6th Co-ed Intramural Volleyball/Gym

2:35-4:00 pm- After School Tutoring/Media Center

2:35-4:00 pm- Tennis Club/Meet at Locker Room

2:35-4:00 pm- French Study Hall/Annex K

2:35-4:00 pm-Jazz Band Practice/Rm. 172

2:35-4:00 pm- Science Olympiad/Rm. 116

4:15 pm- 7th Track and Field Capital City Relays/Jefferson City

6:00-8:00 pm- GMS/JMS Instrument Transfer Night/Cafe

Friday, April 26: (A Day)

2:35-4:30 pm- 7th/8th Track and Field Practice/Gym and Outside

4:15 pm- 8th Track and Field Capital City Relays/Jefferson City

Saturday, April 27:

There are no activities scheduled for today.

Sunday, April 28:

There are no activities scheduled for today.

Future Dates to Remember

4/23- 7A Field Trip to the Water Treatment Facility

4/24- 7B Field Trip to the Water Treatment Facility

4/25- GMS/JMS Instrument Transfer Night

4/29- GMS Talent Show Auditions Begin

4/29- RBHS Show Choir Performance For 8th Grade Students @ 1:30 pm

4/29- Incoming 6th Grade Orientation Night @ 6:00 pm

4/30- 7C Field Trip to the Water Treatment Facility

4/30- EEE Expo @ 5:00 pm

5/3- 8th Grade End-of-Year Dance at RBHS (Times TBD)

5/3- Conclusion of MAP Testing Window

5/6- 6th-8th Grade Orchestra Concert

5/8- 6th-8th Grade Spring Choral Concert

5/11- 8th Band at World's of Fun Music Festival

5/13- 7th/8th Gentry Choir Tour Day

5/17-6th-8th Grade End-of-the-Year Field Trips

5/22- 7th Grade End-of-the-Year Award Ceremony (8:00 am)

5/22- 6th Grade End-of-the-Year Award Ceremony (1:30 pm)

5/23- 8th Grade Graduation (8:00 am)

5/28- Final Day of School and Talent Show

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