Types of Genres

The Ultimate Guide to Genre Awesomeness by Jordan Cohen (:


An autobiography is a book where the author expresses his feelings about himself. In the story, the author grows in some way.


The Genre of memoir is usually confused with autobiographies but is not the same thing. In memoir, the author explains what happened at a specific event.


In these heartfelt stories, two subjects (normally people) fall in love with each other and struggle to stay together.May involve kissing.Eew. Stories in this genre usually end happily with the power of love.


Mystery is when the story includes detectives and crimes. The stories also involve suspense, but the detective normally solves the puzzle.


In these fast-paced tales, a group of people, or sometimes just one person are placed in a severe/wild place and try to survive. There is a great amount of risk,danger, and action in these sort of books.


Humor books always have some sort of problem where the stakes get higher and higher until the main character solves the problem by the end of the book. These stories are always ironic, sometimes sarcastic, and involve jokes.Other fictional genres can be involved in this genre.


Thriller is always suspenseful,exciting, and full of horror. These book have a fast, scary plot.

Some of these stories don't have happy endings, meaning they end with the villain gaining their strength back.


A true story of another person's life written by someone else. It is usually written to show the person's effect on a community. Biographies are not in first person, meaning that it is not being written by the person themselves.


Often set in medieval-like land, fantasy stories have unrealistic features, like talking animals and magic spells.Normally involves quests, or an accidental journey (where the main character finds the land by accident).

Historical Fiction

Based around a historical event or era, but with made-up people and names. The character may have some problems due to the event/era he or she is in. These stories are normally written to show how these historical events affected people and their daily lives.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is slightly like fantasy because it is unrealistic.But, science fiction does involve some scientific facts (which makes it sort of believable).The setting is normally somewhere in the future or in space. This is the author's view of how the human race evolves over several hundred years.

Realistic Fiction

Last but not least, realistic fiction is when something happens that could be possible in real life to a fictional character.These stories can be expressed in diary form.The story takes place in present day.