State Facks

Texas,Colorado,and New mexico


The capitol of Texas is Austin, the nickname is The Lone Star State, the date of statehood

is December 29,1845, the state flower is the bluebonnet, the state bird is the mockingbird, the state tree is the pecan tree, the tourist attractions are, the Alamo,

Galveston,Huston Zoo


the state capitol of Colorado is Denver, the state flower is Rocky Mountain Columine,

the state bird is the Lard Bunting, the state tree is the Blue Spruce, and the tourist attractions are, Heritage Festival, Les Miserables, and Art Market

New Mexico

The capitol of New Mexico is Santa Fe, the state flower is Yucca flower, the state bird is roadrunner, the state tree is Pinyon Pine, and the tourist attractions are Los Almos, Charalsbad Caverens, Palace Of the Governors

by dillin rybarski