May 2016

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Hello and Happy May!!! So many exciting things happened in April, and you were a part of that. In April, I was able to hit the rank of GOLD with dōTERRA! A HUGE part of that was all of you sharing the joy of these oils with others! Thank you!

Quote of the Month

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I’m so glad you’re part of my journey!

dōTERRA’s Global Convention

Tickets are still available for dōTERRA’s Global Convention this year!

There are still a couple of spots for my rooms at the Marriott as well. If you decide to purchase tickets, select Salt Palace Convention Center (SPCC) instead of the Vivint Smart Home Arena (VSHA). This is where my team will be if you’d like to join us.


Join Us in Salt Lake City for the 2016 doTERRA One Global Convention

Essential Oil Education … in 2 minutes or less each day!!?

Introducing Daily Drop – a smartphone app that gives you little nuggets of information each day. It’s available on Android and Apple IOS, but if you’d rather get daily updates via email, they have that, too! Click on the drop below to get more info!

Now the Promotions

Mother's Day is May 8th!

There are still some available!!! Learn about this cute Mother’s Day Satchel you can get in the While Supplies Last section of your back office.

Click Here for more Product Info!

or Click below to Watch a Video

Introducing the doTERRA Mother's Day Satchel

Free Product of the Month

For those of you on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood is the free product of the month if you place your LRP order by the 15th and order 125 PV or more.

Cedarwood is known for its rich hue and warm, woody scent. It naturally repels insects and promotes relaxation. I always have Cedarwood with me when I travel. I sprinkle a little on the hotel room bed, and it naturally repels any insects, while helping promote a good night sleep.

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10% Discount

Spa Hand & Body Lotion

We love this lotion in our house! It’s a fragrance-free lotion perfect for blending with your favorite essential oils! It’s a great way to keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated! Our favorite is to add a drop of Myrrh to a little bit of the lotion. Keeps us from getting dry and cracked hands.


Earn Jasmine and Rose

This promotion has been extended!!! If you already earned your Jasmine and/or Rose, you can earn a second set!

· Share dōTERRA with 4 people

· They enroll with their own kit

· Earn a FREE 5 ml bottle of Jasmine!

· Share dōTERRA with 7 people,

· and they enroll with their own kit,

· Earn a FREE 5 ml bottle of Rose!

· Share dōTERRA with 11 people

· Earn BOTH…Jasmine AND Rose!

Click Here to see the details!

Free Product, Free Diffuser

3 Easy Steps

1. Join the Loyalty Rewards Program

2. Place a LRP order of 100 PV or more for 2 months in a row,

3. Claim your Petal Diffuser, or equivalent – and get points towards free product.

3rd Month Bonus

Place an order for the 3rd month in a row,

- Claim your Aroma Lite or Cloud diffuser or equivalent. If you are just starting up, your initial order is considered your startup order and you then have to set up your LRP order.

Here’s who just earned their PETAL DIFFUSER!!!!

· April Beck

· Emily Tomaka

· Amy Gibbons

· Cassandra O’Reilly

· Cori Ahrens

Just one more month and you’ll get your Aroma Lite/Cloud diffuser!

There are a couple of you who are just one month from earning your Petal!

For those of you who have earned their diffuser, please email/Facebook Message/Text me to let me know if you would like the diffuser or the product equivalent. For the Petal Diffuser, it’s equivalent of $47 in dōTERRA product. For the Aroma Lite or Cloud Diffuser, it’s equivalent of $90 in dōTERRA product

Upcoming Trips

I have leaders in Southern California, Arizona and Chicago who are holding their own classes. I’ll be posting all classes here every month. Anyone you refer to these classes will be referred back to you for enrollment so you can get the credit. Message me directly for addresses to any of these classes.

* If you would like to add your classes to the schedule, please let me know and we’ll add to the calendar.


6:30 pm – Friday, May 6 – Orange, CA

4:00 pm – Saturday, May 7 – Orange, California

6:00 pm Every Wednesday via Zoom (live webinar) “Everyday Life and Oils”

9:00 am Every Saturday via Zoom (live webinar) “Coffee and Oils”


7:00 pm – Saturday, June 4 – Chicago, IL

6:30 pm – Monday, June 6 – Garden Grove, CA

7:00 pm – Saturday, June 10 – Chicago, IL

TBD – Sunday, June 11 – Chicago, IL

* If you live in any of these areas, contact me to setup training or classes.

Earn a Free Diffuser or up to $50 in Product

Anyone who hosts a class for me will have the choice between a Free Diffuser and $50 in Product.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email or Facebook message me.

Happy May and Happy Oiling!

Stephne Hilgendorf

Silver Wellness Advocate


801.995.8281 (Call or Text)