Hi! Beautycounter Welcome & Intro

Month 1 down, More growing to do!

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Hello Team Counter Beauty!
My name is Claudia Li-Gordon, Sr. Director supporting Executive Director, Beth Tackaberry! I wanted to introduce myself because I will be working closely with Beth and all the leaders on our team to help YOU grow and succeed in your BRAND NEW AMAZING BeautyCounter business!! Ultimately, we are all on the same team but I wanted to let you know that you fall under myself as your closest Director!

If we don't know each other, PLEASE feel free to always reach out with any questions or concerns: betterbeautytoday@gmail.com

I am SO SO excited to work with EVERYONE on this brand new 'baby' company that just launched into Canada! NOONE knows who we are, it's our job to SPREAD this AMAZINGNESS around!!!

I want to help YOU grow your business based on YOUR GOALS!! Because YOU'RE THE BOSS!!! You dictate how much or little you work on this business and the efforts you put in will give you the results you want!!

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Events Across Canada!

If there is ANYONE you know who might be interested in this GROUND LEVEL opportunity, please send them to any of the events happening across Canada!!

I will personally be at the Calgary, Kelowna & Edmonton (soon to be announced) events!
Please send them to introduce themselves and I will help you GROW YOUR TEAM!!

Victoria, BC - April 4th

Vancouver, BC - April 5th

Calgary, AB - April 6th

Kelowna, BC - April 7th

Moncton, NB - Aprill 11th

St. John's, NFLD - April 12th

Halifax, NS - April 13th

Let's get you started!

1. If you are on Facebook, please add yourself to our team page! It is a GREAT resource for info., tips, team incentives & a place where we can all help support one another!!


2. Let's REACH out with your "Who Do You Know" List! Start with your FRANK




Kids (parents & activities)

3. Start with an announcement!! Your announcement can be a simple email or newsletter and then a follow up afterwards! Here are some Words To Say to get yourself out there!!

"Hi! I've partnered up with Beautycounter and am proud to say I have joined as one of their first Canadian Consultants. They are unlike any other personal care brand out there - they are about safety and transparency - which means they ban over 1500 ingredients from their products AND they list every single ingredient that they do use on their labels. Many companies don't, and there are very loose regulations in place so essentially don't have to disclose their ingredients. I invite you to find out more on my website www.beautycounter/en-ca/firstnamelastname

Oh, and the products perform like any luxe brand out there - think Whole Foods Meets Chanel! Can't wait to tell you more! Stay tuned for an invite to my open house where you can see and try the products for yourself!"

Thank you for taking the time to read! I really appreciate it!! Please reach out if you have any questions! Cheers!

4. Pick a date for your own FIRST SOCIAL! Then you reap the hostess rewards too!!
Pick the date to have some ladies over for a super CASUAL 'wine & cheese' afternoon or evening! An EXCUSE to get together, really! They get to catch up, try on this new product & sip on cocktails!

5. FOLLOW UP is KEY!! Personally reach out via text, email and calls to see if they had a chance to read your email/announcement. Also follow up with everyone who you've given samples to! Have a running list of potentials!!

New Training Opportunities & an APRIL Incentive is here!!

We will be putting together a New Consultant training shortly, stay tuned on our FB Team Page!
Also, check out the FB Team page for our NEW April Incentive!! Something EVERYONE can go after!!! You will be glad you are going after it!! FREEBIES for all!!

Team FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1564257513890738/

Your very excited leader & mentor!

Here for you and your business and can't wait to see YOU soar!!!

Together we are BETTER! Let's grow BeautyCounter together!!