January Newsletter

Newsletter Issue #95

Outbound Newsletter

Project Updates

Allergan Optometry- 3,636 records remaining (Wave 30 completed by 1/22)

Allergan Jumpstart- 5,755 records remaining (Ongoing)

Allergan Hybrid- 599 records remaining (Wave 29 completed by 1/22)

GSK Levitra/Staxyn –1,328 records remaining (Wave 5 completed on 1/29)

GSK Tanzeum OB –3,408 records remaining (Wave 1 completed on 2/5)

GSK ViiV –528 records remaining (Ongoing)

Stayma –1,492 records remaining (Wave 36 completed on 1/29)


Allergan- Jamie Gelb (552 calls)

Allergan JS- Shannon Nichols (505 calls)

GSK Levitra/Staxyn – Stephen Wigoff (193 calls)

GSK Tanzeum OB- Phil Richmond (815 calls)

GSK ViiV- Ramy Shahin (67 calls)

Stayma- Wayne Rochlin (286 calls)

Angela Schwartz - 98.58%

Wayne Rochlin – 97.70%

Jamie Gelb – 97.50%

House Keeping and Reminders

· Lock your computer when you leave your workstation

Log back in after lunch and breaks

Log out and submit your time at the end of the day

Review/sign off on your QMS daily

 Check for Epaths daily

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