Integumentary system

By Hope Lowden👑 4th period #13


The integumentary system is one of the many body systems, It is made up of your skin, hair, and nails. It's main purpose is to protect the body but it has many other functions. The integumentary system is also a part of many of the other body systems.

5 functions of the integumentary system

1. Protection- The integumentary system helps protect the cells and organs inside your body from germs and bacteria outside. The cells on the skin are constantly falling off and replacing themselves, forming the barrier that is your skin

2. Temperature Regulation- When you feel hot, sweat glands in the dermis (the inner layer of skin) produce sweat to cool you down. When you are cold, tiny muscles cause the hairs on your body to stand up to better trap the warm air near the skin

3. Sensing- Nerve endings give you your sense of touch. The millions of nerve endings in the dermis identify five different feelings: Heat, cold, pressure, pain, and contact.

4. Excrecation of wastes- when you sweat, not only are you cooling off, you are getting rid of some waste materials.

5.Storage- the skin stores many necessary materials including water, fat, glucose, and vitamin D. Your skin is 1/10th of your body's weight.

3 Body System Ailments

HIV/Aids- This is a disease that effects your immune system. It slowly destroys cells. You could get get aids and not find out until 10 years later. However, it is not cannot get it from sitting by someone with is or even by drinking out of the same glass as them.

Cure/treatment- there is no known cure or treatment for aids

Warts- these are rough bumps on the skin often caused by a viral infection.

Cure/treatment- the best treatment for warts is to caus mild irritation (usually by freezing) so that the body can recognize the virus and get rid of it

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Integumentary and nervous systems