Drug Rehab Centers -

Why Do They Exist?

Drug Rehab Centers - Why Do They Exist?

While flipping through the channels on your television, you must have heard about the latest trend of celebrities moving into rehabs to cure their addictions. While most of them need a time out from their glamorous life, drug rehab centers actually offer a lot more than just peace of mind.

According to a survey conducted in 2011, people who committed crimes for drugs and were sent to prison turned out to be worse than the minority, which was sent to a rehab for substance abuse.

According to the National Survey on Health and Drug Abuse conducted by the SAMSHA, only 2.6 million of 24 million addicts received drug treatment in a drug rehab facility in 2014.


1. The average cost of keeping an offender in prison is $31,286.
2. The average cost of drug treatment in an appropriate rehab is $15,000 - $20,000.
3. About 18% of inmates have committed crime for obtaining drugs.
4. According to a 2011 survey, re-offense rates are reduced to 15% - 20% when a person comes out of a rehab as opposed to a person released from prison (65% - 70%).

Drug rehab centers exist for the sole purpose of changing lives and making people a better part of society.

. 94% of drug rehab facilities offer the 12-step program.
. 86% remain sober after a drug treatment, only if they follow up and attend AA meetings.
. Only 1 in 4 continues attending AA meetings after a month.

Drug rehab centers promise a new life but you have to give it a go. Visit The Hills Center now.