Quotations about education

1."Education is the mother of leadership."

2."He who opens a school door,closes a prison."(Victor Hugo)

3"Education is not the filling of a pail,but the lighting of a fire."(W.B.Yeats)

My future education plans

I am going to take three exams:history,English language and Lithuanian language.I want to live in Kaunas,study in Vytautas Magnus University.Initially it was known as the University of Lithuania, but in 1930 the university was renamed to Vytautas Magnus University.The university has ties with numerous universities of North America and Europe, as well as East Asia.
I am going to study in Faculty of Social Scienes.Speciality: Social Policy.Graduates of the social policy analysts, program evaluators, monitoring specialists, project managers in municipalities, public institutions and agencies, international organizations, non-governmental sector, social research centers, public opinion and market research institutions, media, consulting firms, personnel management. Social Policy degree provides an excellent basis for master's studies law, politics, public administration, sociology, social work, economics.

Hardships of Lithuania's higher education: Free but not for all

I agree with these three ideas:

1.The biggest number of students attend universities while much fewer go to professional schools.

2.Studying is not equally accessible to everyone,because studying is expensive.

3.The high variation in the amount charged for tuition, irrespective of how much future earning potential any particular course may give.

I disagree with these ideas:

1.In our country, tuition fee is a fine for poor study results.

2.Situation, where one student pays for studies and another does not, discriminatory.

3.Students do not bring in enough “baskets”.