All about me

By Kaylee Puchalski


Dad: Thomas (Tom)

Mom: Cindy (Cinthia)

Sister: Lindsay

Grandma: Anne


  • Karate
  • Art
  • Swimming
  • Archery

Favorite Movie

Rush Hour

Favorite Vacation Spot

Destin Florida

Favorite Dream Home & Place to Live

A beach house in Destin, Florida

Favorite Dream Job


Favorite College Sports Team

I don't watch sports

Favorite Restaraunt

The Market Place

My Schedule

1st Period- Menger (Spanish)

2nd Period- Serna (Science)

3rd Period- Barkley (Homeroom)

4th Period- Barkley (Language Arts)

5th Period- Eichler (Math)

6th Period- Evans (Science)

7th Period- Dodson (P.E)

8th Period- Stovall (Typing)

Super Powers


Shape Shifting

Super Speed

The End