Porsche 911

Ayden Aldridge

Porsche 911

The Carrera name - taken from the famous Carrera road race - has been used through out the 911 history , but more recently it's come to refer to the standard 911's . With a 3.4 liter engine. S The term "Classic" is used to describe all original 911's which were produced from 1963 all the way to 1989.A very small number were made early on as the 902 before Peugeot kicked up a stink about using a 0 in the middle of the name,forcing Porsche to change the name to 911.
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Classic Porsche 911

All cars had a flat six ,early cars had a 2.0 liter , and the very last Carreras came with a 3.2. 911 classic turbo ,mean while (type 930) had 3.0- liter-six englarged to 3.3 liter short for Rennsport ,the RS first apeared on the 911 classic as the 911 classic the classic carrera RS.

Classic to Now

Top speed Porsche 911 is 174 miles a hour. Has great handling at high speeds , turning at high speeds. Porsche cars are know for great car quality.70% of Porsches made are still on the road today . In 1875 Ferdinand Porsche was born Bohemia . In the 1900 the first Porsche model came out called the "Lohner-Porsche chaise".In 1924 Ferdinand Porsche designed a car that won the Targa Foriorace . The company spent more than $500 million dollars design the Porsche 911 New Porsche 911 cost $70,000 . Ferdinand Porsche stated his own design company in 1930.