Russia's Struggle to America

by Stef & Mehki

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How many Russians came to America?

At the time of the Alaskan purchase there were only about 800 Russians in the region some who had married native women, remained in Alaska, others, including members of the Russian Orthodox Church immigrated to California.
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( Russian Immigrants )

Why did the Russians come to America?

The reasons for the Russian Immigration to America was to enjoy their new taste of freedom and start a new life in the land of opportunity. But the most important early reasons for Russian immigration was to escape the famine, disease and dire poverty.

How and when they reach America?

The first Russians were believed to have arrived in America during the Ice Age over 15,000 years ago when Siberia was connected to Alaska by a strip of land known as the Bering Land Bridge. The next Russians crossed the Bering straight into Alaska in the mid 18th century. (First Settlers)

Where did Russians settle?

Russian immigrants were individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. They settled into various parts of the U.S. among Russian immigrants of similar ethnic backgrounds. They first was settled in Alaska but then some moved to California.
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Russian Immigrant Jobs

Many of them took jobs where ever they could find it. Most of them took advantage of the homestead age, and moved west and started farming with their families.
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How the United States' population received and/or treated the group

Russian immigrants were treat like any other non English speaking immigrant. Meaning they were denied all but the lowest paying jobs. Their children spoke English and blended into the American culture.

When did the group come to America

The first Russians to come to America didn't even have to leave Russia to do so. In the 18th century. In the 18th century Russian explorers traveling east from Siberia discovered Alaska and claimed it.

Russian contributions to America

Russian immigrants also contributed a great deal to the development of science and industry. Important figures included the aircraft engineers, Igor Sikorsky and Alexander de Seversky, the biologist, Selman Waksman and the pioneer in the development of television, Vladimir Zworykin.
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US Laws/Restriction on Russians

1882 Immigration Act - restricted immigrants from Europe, including Russia, making several categories of immigrants ineligible for entry and imposed a 'head tax' of 50 cents on all immigrants landing at American ports.

The 1891 Immigration Act - introduced the inspection and deportation of immigrants and on January 1, 1892 Ellis Island immigration center was opened.

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