McMaster University

Average Entry: 86.8% | Tuition: $6,766 | Students: 30'117

About McMaster

Location and Campus (A green gem)

McMaster University is located just outside the city of Hamilton, and because of this, has all of the benefits, activities, and attractions that the city provides. However, do not be fooled by its location. McMaster is located near a conservation area, and has ample amounts of green space


  • Double room with meals from 8’490
  • Single room with meals from $9’200
  • Apartment style from $7’195

2’900 residences reserved for first year students.

Interesting and Stand-out Programs

Integrated Science: Research to obtain an integrated background in maths and sciences.

Arts and Science: “Interdisciplinary” program that focuses on learning and reasoning.

Strategic philanthropy and leadership: Students learn about, and gain real world experience with granting money.

Global Health Advocacy: Students gain real life experience by meeting MP’s and others to pitch innovative ideas.

Sports and Extra-curriculars

McMaster offers all sports one would expect, and even some you wouldn't.

McMaster offers nearly 300 clubs. All of which are diverse, and appeal to people of all types. In addition to that, student council is always open to more.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Bursaries at McMaster are for those who demonstrate much financial need. They are for assistance, and are not meant to pay the full deficit.

The following financial awards are available to first year students. In fact, you will automatically be entered.

80-84.99% ~ $500

85-89.99% ~ $750

90-94.99% ~ $1000

95%+ ~ $2500

Average Cost of Books is $800

McMaster's old, ivy covered buildings, in combination with it's modern facilities make it very pleasing to the eye. Its relatively small number of students means that you will be able to know many of the students in your graduating class. McMaster offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to be close to the city, but still able enjoy some green space.


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