Forensic Ondontologist

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What is a Forensic Ondontologist?

In short a forensic Ondontologist or "Forensic Dentist" use their knowledge and experience to help identify unknown remains, determine the age of the remains, or trace a bite mark to a specific individual.

Why do we need Forensic Ondontologists?

Forensic Ondontologists are called in to trace a specific individual, whether a victim, or the accused, when fingerprints or other means of identification are unavailable. They are also commonly used in mass fatalities, such as a plane crash, or natural disasters.

In Popular Culture...

The most publicized case of forensic dentistry used in a criminal case is that of serial killer Ted Bundy. He was as murderer, kidnapper and rapist whose responsible for the deaths of 30-36+ and up of young women in the 1970's.
Serial Killer - Ted Bundy - Natural Born Killer - Documentary(Full)

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How is odontology used to solve crimes?

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What level of education is needed to become a forensic odnontologist?