Chinese Inventions

Gunpowder, Paper Money, Compass


I chose gunpowder because it was very important to the Chinese military.In Chinese gunpowder is called huo yao. Huo yao means flaming medicine. It was first invented by the Alchemists. It was a mixture of sulphur, saltpeter, and charcoal. Gunpowder not only made the Chinese militatry stronger, but it also has also influenced tools like fireworks and guns.

The compass

I chose the compass because it was very important to the Chinese. In China the compass was used to help ships navigate or an army find their way from one place to another using the magnetic field. Today we use a compass in cars, planes, and boats for navigation.

Paper Money

I chose paper money because of how much it helped the Chinese. All over China people were realiziing how hard it was to collect and make gold coins so they came up with using paper money. Today paper money is used all over the world and in almost every home in the US.