Canadian Wilderness

By: Bria Motton

The things you can eat in the wilderness.

1. Blueberry

2. Watercress


4.Wild Leeks
5. Asparagus


7. Hickory


9.Wild rice

10.Stinging nettle

13 things you would need


2.sleeping bag


4.Packs of Matches

5.A backpack

6.First aid kit




10.pocket knife

11.sun protection

12. plastics bag

13. gloves

10 skills

1.How to make a fire

2. How to make a Shelter

3.How to wrap up your injure

4. How to find food

5.How to cook

6. What to get someone to know that you are there

7.How to clean your water

8.How to find water to work a compass to work your matches

1. How to make a fire?

You can make a fire by make a spaces for the rocks . Then use your matches or lighter to make a fire.You would want to buy some waterproof matches just for when it rains.

2. How to make a shelter?

You need to make sure that the area is good. You could use a crave or use tree bark or tree boughs. You have to find leaves and grass,plastic .

3. How to wrap up your injure?

You want to take anything that is tight. You have to apply a pressure bandage on your bite.If you have a first aid kit then try to do something .

4.How to find food?

You can fin fish and animals around the water and trees. You would find plants and berries around the water to.

5.How to cook?

You can use a fire pit and tree branches, you should bring a pot . The branches are to hold the pot and the fire is to heat the pot.

6.What to get someone to know that you are there?

You should always keep a fire on when you are in the spot you sleep at. You also want to do keep it on when you go to sleep.

7.How to clean your water?

You can just boil your water in the pot that you brought with you. You can also sit it in a bottle and put in under the sun.

8.How to Find Water?

Look for were there is plants and animals . You will get to some water at anytime . You can look next to mountains.

9.How to work a compass?

You work a compass by walking, and you can use to find your way home.You can tell were north, south,east,and west.

10.How to work your matches?

You just have to rub your matches to the side of the box.