Back-to-School Supply Drop Off!

September 2, 2020 (4:30-6:30pm)

Our back-to-school supply drop off is September 2!

Eagle Heights would like to welcome our students back by having a back to school supply drop off! On September 2 our staff will be lined up around the parking lots to collect their students' supplies.

We are asking that students label all of their supplies with a black sharpie, place them in a white trash sack, label the outside of their sack with masking tape that includes their name, teacher's name and grade level. Our teachers will collect their supplies from them through the vehicle window and then another staff member will transport the supplies to the student's classroom. This alleviates the burden for students to carry all of their supplies in on the first day and also allows our parents and students to see their teacher face-to-face!

In order to keep traffic from backing up and congesting the highway, we are asking that students whose last name begins with A-L try to drive through from 4:30 pm -5:30 pm and those whose last name begins with M-Z drive through from 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm.

If you can't make it this night, we understand. Your child is welcome to bring their supplies with them the first day!

*Please remember that Trapper Keepers or zipper binders were added to the 5th and 6th grade list so that they can carry everything with them from class to class and not need to return to their homeroom.

We have included a map below that shows the flow of traffic and where teachers will be stationed.

Placard Request

If you plan on using our parent pick up line after school, please complete this form if you haven't. We are asking that you complete this form even if you completed the district transportation request so we know how many placards you will need. There will be a placard station in the back parking lot during our supply drop off. You will be able to pick up your placard there.

Placard Request Form

Back to School Supply Drop Off!

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 4:30-6:30pm

18801 State Highway F

Smithville, MO

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th grades will be stationed around the side and front parking lot.

PTO membership,extra supply drop off and Nurse Emily(medicine drop off) will be stationed in the front parking lot.

4th and 5th grades will be stationed around the back parking lot.

Placards will be handed out in the back parking lot. (Plac)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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