Marvin Mercury

Background Information

His favorite t-shirt has an "Hg" on it.

Him and Brock Bromine are the only liquids at room temperature

First born about 3,500 years ago in an Egyptian tomb.

He is found in the ore called cinnabar

He has 80 protons

He weighs around 201 a.m.u.

He is a transition metal

Has 34 isotopes

Boils at 356.73 C

Melts at -38.83 C

Stable in dry air and tarnishes in moist air

Named after Roman God Mercury

He wears his t-shirt because of the Greek name hydrargyrum meaning liquid silver

He is a poor conductor of heat and a fair conductor of electricity

He has a high rate of thermal expansion


Found in thermometers, barometers, and other scientific instruments

Also found in thermostats

In street lights, UV lights, and sun lamps

Found also in dental amalgams for cavity fillings

Compounds of him are found in medicine and cosmetics


Quick Silver

Mercury Chloride

Mercury Sulfide

Why Wanted

He is wanted for poisoning others.

Mercury in metallic form is known to cause severe damage to humans.

He is known to mainly strike for the liver, kidney, and nerves.

He is harmful to humans, insects, fungi, and bacteria alike.

He has to be ingested or injected for there to be any damage

If you were to find Marvin Mercury, do not just dispose of him like regular trash. Dispose by giving him to special personel. They will "take care of him" for good.