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July 2023

101 Days of Summer in Indy - Amazing Indiana Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for things to do with children in Indianapolis this summer?
Find thousands of ideas on this Indiana summer bucket list!

10 Tips to Make This the Best Summer Ever with Your Family

Summer lives in our imaginations throughout the year because it nourishes our souls. The warmth.... the fun.... the freedom... the sheer deliciousness. But mostly, the luxury of time, unbounded by school. Time to explore, to make new friends, to lie on your back and watch the clouds billow across a blue sky. The vivid aliveness and freedom of a child's summers can change her forever.

Does this sound like the summer your child is having? Or is he glued to an electronic screen? Or maybe she just has to get up early for camp, so you can get to work? Or maybe he's gotten so used to constant stimulation that he's complaining he's bored?

You CAN reclaim summer for your family. In fact, you can make this the best summer ever with your kids. It doesn't take travel or a lot of money. And you can do it even if you're working and your kids are in day camp. Click here to read more.

Healthy Snacks on the Go

Kids often get a lot of their nutrition on the go, so healthy snacks should be quick and easy!

Five Ideas to Encourage Learning This Summer

School may be out for the summer, but there are still lots of opportunities for young children to play and learn! Here are five ideas.

Setting Goals for a New School Year

As you pack your child’s backpacks with gear for the new year, don’t forget to fill their minds with goals to help make this school year their best yet. Here are easy ideas for new school year resolutions

Preparing for Back-to-school

The most important piece of getting your kids ready for back to school is helping them have a positive attitude! After months of visiting friends whenever they can and playing outside to their hearts’ content, it can be tough to get kids excited about spending time in the classroom again. Ask your children questions like “what class/teacher are you most excited for?” or “who haven’t you seen this summer that you are excited to see when school starts?” Continuing to reinforce the positive aspects of going back to school can help build up your child’s own excitement.

Beyond instilling positive attitudes, there are other great ways to get your child ready for school:

Everyone Needs Attention

Pretty much anyone who has spent time working with groups of children has heard the question, “What do I do with my child? She seems to need so much attention.” All too often the response is, “She is just doing it for attention. Ignore her.” What if we reframed our assumptions about children’s constant cries for attention. What if we look past the clamorings for attention and thought, this child is looking for relationship? Click here to hear from a former professor, early childhood teacher educator, and now a consultant for parents and early childhood programs, whose heard this conversation repeatedly.
Elmo Manages New Emotions with "I Notice, I Feel, I Can" | Emotional Well-Being

When a Pet Dies: How to Help Your Child Cope

How your child reacts to your pet's death will depend on their age and developmental level. When children display emotions like sadness, it's important to validate them.

Here's what you can do to help your child deal with the loss of a pet.

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Decorated Sand Cement

Children find and make art everywhere. Transience is the ultimate aspect of process art but sometimes you want to take time to admire the creativity before it is destroyed. Like the carefully decorated sand cakes our three-year-olds create, and then flatten in one flying leap.

Here is a unique art medium for children to explore. You can create “sand-cement” right in the sandbox and preserve some of those awesome sand cake decorating skills. From mixing to decorating, our sand artists thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

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Supporting the whole family

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