JCCS Family Engagement Newsletter

May 2021

Thank You for All You Do!

Family Engagement makes a significant positive impact. It creates partnerships amongst the schools, families, and community. This year, our schools have engaged families in many fun and creative ways. As we plan for the next school year, the challenge is engaging our families to celebrate and learn with their children on a consistent basis. We look forward to offering activities and events that are fun for the whole family.

We are nearing the end of the school year and much focus turns towards culminating task and events. As we end a "not so normal" school year, we reflect on all the great things that we accomplished as a student, teacher, school, and district! We hahve great things going on in Jasper County!

As we go into SUMMER, take time for your family. Enjoy activities together. Read together, do fun activities together, and spend time with the ones that you love. Thank you fo all you do for your students and their families. As the 2021 school year comes to an end, remember we provide continious communication. Please feel free to reach out Tiffany Price at tprice@jasper.k12.ga.us if you need resources. The Family Engagement webpage offers continious communication to meet your needs all year!

Take a moment to view the upcoming events!


Jasper County Schools was awarded a three-year Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. As part of the requirements of the grant, we are conducting a survey to gather information about your child’s reading. The results of the survey will be used to improve literacy instruction in Jasper County schools.

The survey is being conducted by an external evaluator, The Evaluation Group. This survey collects data anonymously. Your responses cannot be used to identify you.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project director, Donna Poole (dgpoole@jasper.k12.ga.us) or the external evaluator, Lisa Raphael (lisa@evaluationgroup.com).

Survey Link- Literacy Grant

Please use the link to access the survey.

Mobile Literacy Lab- Big Purple

For more Informaiton on Big Purple or to schedule at your event, please contact Tiffany Price at 706-468-6350 ext. 122 or tprice@jasper.k12.ga.us

Teacher Appreciation Week-May 3rd-7th!

51 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Each school has special activities planned for our teachers in JCCS during the week of May 3rd-7th- Take a moment to send a THANK YOU to your children's teacher to show your appreciation. Use the link to view more creative ideas.

Upcoming Event- Title I Parent Workshop- Transition

Please complete the form to RSVP for the Parent Workshop Scheduled for May 10th, 2021 at 9am and 3:30pm.

Upcoming Event- Title I GMAS Prep. Session

Please click the link to access the RSVP portal and information newsletter. The presentation is also included. The session will be held May 5th via ZOOM at 9am and 3:30pm. We will review GMAS resources to be prepared and strategies to be successful.

Upcoming Event- Title I Literacy Session

Please click the link to acccess the RSVP portal and informational newsletter. The session will be held May 19th via ZOOM at 9am and 3:30 pm. The IAL Literacy Grant Team will be presenting strategies and ways to help improve literacy at home.

American Assistance- TECHNOLOGY

Jasper County families are eligible for FREE broadband internet service, made possible through the Emergency Broadband Benefit governmental program. All JCCS households will receive an 8" Android Computer Tablet and Free Monthly Data plan. The program will being in May/June of 2021. Please contact Tiffany Price at 706-468-6350 ext. 122 or by email at tprice@jasper.k12.ga.us for questions and concerns. If interested please complete the registration below.
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Jasper County Testing Calendar

Please use the JCCS Testing Calendar to see when your student will be testing for End of Grade or End of Course Assessments. MAP Testing is also included in the calendar.

GMAS Study/Resource Guides

The Study/Resource Guides are intended to serve as a resource for parents and students.

May School Events

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National Decision Day!

Tuesday, May 4th @ 9am

JCHS will live stream the event for family and friends.

Planning Ahead Workshops

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Attendance Matters

Why attendance matters....

As we draw near the end of school, ATTENDANCE STILL MATTERS... How important is it for kids to be in school? School attendance is a baseline factor in determining student success.

School Attendance: A Key to SUCCESS

One of the important things your child can do to achieve academic success is, going to school every day. In fact, research has shown that your child's attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing her academic success.

Why Attendance Matters and Strategies to Improve it

School attendance matters. It is arguably one of the most important indicators of school success. You cannot learn what you are not there to learn.

Transition Information

Please use the links below to access helpful information on transition from school to school, as well as transition information related to children with disabilities, and other Early Intervention Services and Programs.

Throughout the month of May, each school will participate in tour of schools, as well as orientation for the parents. More information to come from your child's teacher/school. For more information please contact the school or Tiffany Price at tprice@jasper.k12.ga.us or 706-468-6350 ext. 122.

Transition Information for Parents

Please use the link to access helpful information for all students who are in Transition from School to School, as well as transition post-secondary.