What is perseverance? Perseverance is when you face hardships and advisory and don't get give up and get through them . It takes a hard worker someone that determined and cant let people get to you.

Lady jags-description

280 game losing streak and 6 win in 14 year. That's what the Lady Jags are to me, but to them and their coaches their not. These girls came from broken homes, alcoholic parents have done drugs and have been abuse. This advisory it what make up these lady lags. Since being on the lady jags the coaches have build up their confidence, Connected b-ball to life lessons. Learned not to give up. This is good in life because they have these life lesson, and if they weren't and the team they wouldn't learn this thing in life. They could still be living on the street or even in jail.
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Carry On- Compare and Contrast

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Smith the stars of the ESPN documentary “Carry On” tell their inspiring story. Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Smith, have both faced many adversities, but preserved through them them. These two “brothers” have encountered similar problems in life and ended up in different places. Both Dartanyon and Leroy grew up in unstable homes. Dartanyon’s mom died when he was young and so he went to live with his dad. His dad had a drug and alcohol problem, and was never in one place for that long. He also was born with Libra Disease. Leroy was in car accident when was 11 and had both of his legs cut off. After that his mom slip into drug abuse and disappeared. His dad was in jail, so he went to live with his grandma. In High School, Leroy and Dartanyon where on the school wrestling team despite having disabilities. Dartanyon would carry Leroy in and out of every meet and had a bond like brothers. In their senior year, Dartanyon was a champion, but Leroy was an average at the sport. Despite the school having a 50% graduation rate, they both graduated for High School. Leroy ended up going to Collins College for video game design, Dartanyon and took a little different path, After visiting the U.S training center. Dartanyon decide to try a new sport. Which was Juno, and ended up going to the paralympics and won a bronze medal. Even though they had the same adversities in life, they ended up in different places.

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Eric LeGrand- Cause and Effect

Eric Legrand was a football player that had a dream of playing in the NFL but on a cold October day his dreams change. Eric Legrand was paralyzed for the neck down and was told he would never able to move his upper body every again. This has made him rehab for 5 days a week for the last two years. From all the rehab he has regain movement in his shoulders and is able to sit up on his own and his balance is improving. Eric legrand has since been rising awareness for paralyzed people and speeds his inspiration, Because of that he emerge as the super bowl star of the week.