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eLearning Information

We have now used up our two built-in traditional snow make up days, due to the power outages. Therefore, we will be attending school on Jan. 15 and Feb. 19. The next four cancellations will be eLearning days. iPads will now be sent home with children daily to ensure they have their device in case of an unexpected cancellation. Please remember the following important information:

1. iPads need to come to school fully charged each day. Since each student's charger is at home, it is difficult when iPads come to school with low power, as we don't have many cords here to charge and iPads are needed during the instructional day.

2. iPads are only to be used for educational purposes. Students should not use their devices for anything other than educationally based activities. Please also note, that the school's filter system does not work while the devices are at home with students. So, be cognizant of the fact that students have full internet access while at home. Precautions such as direct adult supervision and parental controls are highly recommended.

3. Only students are to use their iPad. iPads should not be used by other family members, friends or neighbors.

A full version of the Acceptable Use Policies can be found on the NPUSC website.

eLearning FAQ from NPUSC

What can you expect for Students on a Flex or eLearning Day?
  • Students may begin working on their assignments and/or virtual tasks starting at 8:00am and teachers will be available to correspond, support, and discuss any questions until 3:00pm.
  • Teachers will be using Google Classroom (K-4) and Schoology (5th-12th) to correspond with students regarding their assignments/tasks throughout the Flex Day.

What type of instructional content and classwork is expected on a virtual option day?

  • K-1st grade students will be task focused and given technology links to work on skills and standards while using Google Classroom.
  • Grades 2nd-4th will incorporate technology submitted work that focuses on skills and standards while using Google Classroom.
  • 5th grade will use Schoology and app based platforms to meet grade level skills and standards.
  • Grades 6th-12th will continue to use Schoology to distribute, discuss, and upload assignments.
  • Every student will receive grade level appropriate assignments/tasks from their elective and/or specials teachers they would normally meet with on that scheduled day.

How much time per class will teachers assign?

  • As a general guideline…
    • Elementary students would have approximately 2-3 hours of assignments including specials and support classes.

What if a student is unable to connect to the Internet?

  • We are aware that not all students have Internet access at home. If for some reason your child cannot access WIFI, there will be a two school day grace period given to make up their work. This would allow students without Internet connection to have the opportunity to complete work and/or make arrangements to utilize free wireless Internet within our community or any of our NPUSC school buildings. There are also many local establishments that offer complimentary WIFI services, including the New Carlisle Public Library.

How will attendance be tracked?

  • The IDOE requires we take student attendance on the Flex and eLearning Days. Students have to correspond to each of their teachers. They will have until midnight of the eLearning/Flex day in order to being counted present for the school day. We highly suggest that they correspond to their teacher(s) during the 8:00am-3:00pm time slot, but it is not required. Completing assignments are not part of attendance. Students only have to correspond with their teacher to receive attendance for the day.
  • Teachers are only expected to communicate with their students from 8:00am-3:00pm on the the eLearning/Flex Days.
  • Students who do not have WIFI access or need extra time to make up their work will have 2 school days to complete all virtual assignments. Weekend days do not count for the 2 make up days. If students do not turn in their assignments and/or complete their assigned task within the 2 days, then the individual teacher homework policy will go into effect. All correspondence will be completed within Google Classroom (K-4) or Schoology (5th-12th).

What if a student does not have their iPad at home during an eLearning day?

  • If a student has another electronic device (computer, cell phone, kindle, etc.) at home, they may use that to log into either Google Classroom or Schoology to communicate with their teachers.

What if my student needs technical support during a Flex Day?

To help accommodate students with any technical challenges or questions, we will have hotline support systems open from8:00am-3:00pm for each one of our school buildings. These questions and/or challenges should be technical, not instructional. All instructional questions should be directed to your student’s teacher(s). *Please note, technical support will take a lunch break sometime throughout the virtual learning day.

  • Olive Elementary -- 574-654-0427 or 219-778-1491
  • Prairie View Elementary -- 219-778-1485 or 574-654-0496
  • Rolling Prairie Elementary -- 219-778-1436 or 574-654-0497
  • NP Middle School -- 574-654-0468 or 219-778-1445
  • NP High School -- 574-654-0469 or 219-778-1496

Student Council Food Drive

Thank you to all families participating in the food drive. You helped us meet our goal of 1,000 items! What a wonderful way to teach our students about giving and helping others in need. Our local food pantry appreciates the generous donation.

Important Dates

12/14 5:30 pm 4th Grade Winter Music Program

12/21 Grading Period 2 Ends

12/22-1/8 NO SCHOOL- Winter Break

1/9 Students Return

1/15 School in Session

1/18 Early Release Day (Students dismissed at 1:05 pm)

1/22 PTO Penny Wars begin