Explorers News

Discovery Elementary School

Weeks of March 9th and March 16th

Monday, 3/9

Carrie @ Workshop

Kylie @ A.P. Meeting

Tuesday, 3/10

9:00 Carrie @ D.O.

Perfect Attendance- send students 5 min early to recess

5:30 PTO Meeting in the Library

Wednesday, 3/11

Carrie @ Interviews

2:10 Early Dismissal/ PLC- Staff Meeting cancelled

Thursday, 3/12

Waller/Swenson @ Torrey Pines

Friday, 3/13

Carrie @ Interviews

Celebrate Pi Day

8:45 Flag Salute- Citizen of the Week

Shamrock Shuffle

Monday, 3/16

Report cards due

Tuesday, 3/17

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Roving sub for Observation Cycle Teacher Meetings

Wednesday, 3/18

Carrie @ Interviews

2:10 Early Dismissal- PLC

Thursday, 3/19

9:00 Tri 2 AR Assembly- not confirmed

Friday, 3/20

Leader in Me Visit

Kylie out


Report cards sent home March 25th.

Tri 2 Perfect Attendance will be on Tuesday, March 10th. I will put names in your mailbox before school on Tuesday. I will come to Kindergarten to pass out Rocket Tags. Send students to recess 5 minutes early in Grades 1-5. Perfect Attendance means no tardies or absences for Trimester 2.

Attendance- The district has provided some feedback on attendance reports. Please take attendance Gr. 1-5 by 9:00, AM Kinder by 8:30, and PM Kinder by 12:00. The district notifies the front office when attendance is reported late. If you make an error after taking attendance, please notify Susan and do not change error yourself. Example: did not mark student absent and marked them at 1:00. This changes attendance reports. If you send a student to the office for a late slip please mark student tardy. Please make sure you sign your attendance sheets at the end of the month in a timely matter.

Retention- If you have a student you are considering for retention, please email Kylie by March 27th. We will give a packet to you to complete once we have names. Teachers need to have notified parents before submitting names. Remember that the research states that retention often causes more problems than it solves and in very few cases, especially in primary years, it has been beneficial for students. The data also states that poor attendance, possible learning disabilities, and a slow learner (low IQ) are not reasons to retain.

Patriotic Song for March- Yankee Doodle

Annual Notification Packet- Don't forget to sign and return to Terri.

Look the Part! Professional dress communicates to our students and parents that we value them and what we do at DSC each day. It is important to be comfortable while teaching (especially if you're on the floor with students!), however we are modeling professionalism for our students everyday. We encourage you to wear college apparel on Wednesdays or Fridays. Also, please save jeans and more casual clothes for Fridays only.

Trimester 2 AR Goals- I will print out list and place in your mailboxes as the date gets closer.

Leadership Meeting March 25th in Room 32 from 8:00-8:30.