Mrs. Zabroski and Mrs. Hookie


We are continuing in our unit on multiplication of whole numbers and decimals. Continue to practice math facts. The more fluent we are in our facts, the easier time we have with larger multiplication problems.


We will be reading chapters 6-8 this week in Number the Stars. There is a trivial moment in chapter 7 where the author paints a vivid image using strong sensory detail, including emotion, to describe the event that's taking place. We will pause here to study the writing style the author uses to make this image happen. We will also have a class discussion on why using emotion as a sensory detail is so important in a novel such as the one we are reading.

Students will have a quiz on Friday for chapters 1-8.


To go along with our lesson in reading, student's will be putting their sensory details to work by making a color poem. With these students will pick a color of their choice to describe using SEVEN senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, emotion, connection. They will write them using metaphors so that they are not using comparisons, but more using the senses to bring the colors to life. Their finished products should be done and ready to come home next week before they leave for Thanksgiving break.

Students are full-steam-ahead on their independent study projects. We have completed our webs, as well as our formal outlines, which lay out the order of their reports as well as the main ideas for each report they will be writing. This week students will be pausing on their work with their independent studies so that I can teach them the proper research and notetaking skills to successfully piece together each report during this 3 month process. Below are some of the upcoming dates for our Independent Study Project:

11/16-11/20: Notetaking skills

11/23-11/24: Research and Notetaking for Report 1

11/30-12/4: Research and Notetaking for Report 1

12/7-12/10: Turning our notes into a written report

12/11-12/15: Work on draft for Report 1

12/16: Report 1 Draft Due

If you ever have any questions regarding your child's progress on their report, please email me and I will let you know.

Social Studies

We are continuing with our unit on European explorers who impacted colonization and the founding of the United States. We took a short break to focus on Veterans day and learn about the impact those brave men and women have on our lives!


There is no Band or Strings on Wednesday this week.

Specials Schedule

ZABROSKI- (M) PE (T) Art (W) Music (TR) PE (F) Art

Hookie- (M) Art (T) Music (W) P.E. (TR) Art (F) Music

Important Dates

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