Coaches Corner

TBall 2016

Welcome to Tball!

Thank you for dedicating your time this season to coach and lead a 4-5 year old tball team through a fun filled season.

Below you will find information on weather related cancellations, field locations, warm up suggestions and more.

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Tball Game Logistics

All tball games are played Monday Evenings, starting at 5:30pm.

Each tball team can only practice 1 time per week but a practice is not mandatory.

Each field needs bases. Bases are kept in a green wooden box near the fields.

Games should not exceed more than 1 hour. Feel free to end early if players are losing interest.

Click HERE for a field maps.

A Fun Warm Up Idea! Make the "practice" fun and engaging for the kiddos.

Ben's Warm Up at T-Ball

Fundamentals for All Ages!

Drills for Tee Ball that Work at All Levels

Weather Cancellations

Cancellation Hotline: 608-846-6666

The weather cancellation hotline is updated each day at 3:00pm but only if there is a cancellation. If at 3:00pm the weather is fine, the game then will always be a coaches decision.

You can also check out our Facebook Page for updates too!

Thank you for coaching this season!