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August 24, 2022

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School Improvement Info

School Improvement ratings were released on August 15th. In the TAA dated August 18th TEA spelled out the intervention requirements for the campus in school improvement for the 22-23 school year.

Important things to remember-

1. All Comprehensive campuses must complete a TIP and follow the intervention calendar

2. All Targeted and Additional Targeted campuses must complete a TIP on a template of your choosing and retain it locally.

3. The only NR (D/F) campuses that must continue their TIP/TAP are those that were already a D or F campus in 2019; this year is a pause in your consecutive years but does not reset the count.

4. All new NR (D/F) campuses do not start a new TIP.

5. Campuses in the second year of the ESF-Focus Grant are required to continue with the TIP process.

6. All campuses doing formal TIP plans are subject to a diagnostic if they have not had one in the past 3 years.

We are offering opportunities for training for new and returning DCSIs and admin teams for you to refresh or learn the process.

August 25th- #489599 (abbreviated session for returners)

August 29th- #489601 (abbreviated session for returners)

August 30th-31st- #489571 (new to the role)

2022-2023 Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant Application and Launch Webinar

The application for the 2022-2023 Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant is expected to open on September 13, 2022. This application will be posted in eGrants system. This grant is for Comprehensive/Title I campuses.

The Division of School Improvement will host a live SIG Launch Webinar ahead of the grant

application posting to support LEAs in completing the application and answering questions for eligible


2022-2023 Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant Launch Webinar

▪ Friday, September 9, 2022, at 11:00 am

▪ Registration link:

▪ Optional but encouraged for DCSIs, CFOs/Business Managers

▪ ESCs may also attend

A recorded version of the live webinar will also be posted to the School Improvement website.

Also, see the TAA about LEAs and Grant funding from June 10th

ESF Diagnostics

The ESC will be offering diagnostics through 3 pathways this year.

1. Some campuses engaged in school improvement interventions will be required to have a diagnostic if they have not had one in the past 3 years (we will be contacting you in the fall if this is the case)

2. If you have some areas of concern and are not sure where to focus your efforts let us come and use the tools within the Effective School Framework to pinpoint the most essential actions to leverage ($5,000 cost).

3. Same as number 2; however, you can engage in a free diagnostic with the caveat that you will be required to in engaging in Texas Instructional Leadership with our team at an additional cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about the diagnostic process or would like to know more about Texas Instructional Leadership please contact our team, our information is at the bottom of the smore.

IBC List Update

The Texas Education Agency released the new Industry Based Certification List (IBC). TEA has developed a transition plan to allow for both lists (2019-2022/version2 and the 2022-2024/version 3) to be used for A-F accountability purposes. The transition plan also provides school systems time to update their CTE programs of study offerings.

IBCs that are not renewed will continue to generate A-F credit for two more upcoming graduating classes.

  • Graduating Class of 2022 ---- Aug 2023 Ratings will use existing IBC list (v2)
  • Graduating Class of 2023 ---- Aug 2024 Ratings will use updated IBC list (v3) + Use existing IBC list (v2)
  • Graduating Class of 2024 ---- Aug 2025 Ratings will use updated IBC list (v3) + Use existing IBC list (v2)
  • Graduating Class of 2025 ---- Aug 2026 Ratings will use updated IBC list (v3) + Use newly updated IBC list (v4) (assuming 2-year update cycle continues)

Within the information provided below, there are links to the 2019-2022 IBC list and 2022-2024 IBC list. In order to understand the significant changes to the new IBC list, the two lists have been combined and color-coded the changes (see below). Please feel free to use the "combined comparison list" or the lists provided by TEA to plan for any IBC changes that will impact your districts and/or campuses.

- the TAA regarding the IBC List Update that contains the PowerPoint with information on the Industry-Based Certification (IBC) List Update: 2022-2024, and an IBC FAQ.

2022 Accountability Appeals

-Appeals should be based on data errors attributable to the vendors or TEA.

-Distinction decisions cannot be appealed.

-Appeals of the Closing the Gaps domain will not affect federal identification (Comprehensive, Targeted, or Additional Targeted)

-Requests to waive school improvement requirements are not an appeal and will be denied.

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-Accountability ratings and data

- Profile information (including UIL, student

information, staff information, and more)

- Domain data and explanations

- Tell Me More buttons to learn more about

how the accountability system works

- New parent resources page

- Comparison tool to compare up to three

schools or districts at one time

- Trend data over time

- Find schools by your address, city, or zip


- Filter using various options

- Click pins to learn more about that school

- Filter by school name in the table

- Customize distance to your needs

- Visit schools with one click in the table

- Sort schools by various elements

Performance Reporting Calendar

September 12: Accountability rating appeals window closes in TEAL

Fall 2022: 2023 accountability system targets and cut points released

August 2023: Accountability ratings under the reset system released

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Texas Curriculum Resources

Is your district using the Open Education Resources (OER) for math--Eureka or Carnegie? If so, did you know there is a pathway with some of the same features as TEKS Resource System that align with the OER scope and sequence? Texas Curriculum Resources (TCR) is a joint effort between TCMPC (the creator of TRS), teachers using these resources, and ESCs. See the flyer below for more information and how to gain access to these materials. These documents will assist in the strong implementation of Eureka and Carnegie.

Data Tools features six powerful Analytic Tools that allow users to examine and manipulate various accountability system data. Users can view data visualizations, filter, sort, export, and much more.

You can also compare specific data across campuses or districts on the Comparison tool.

Let's Get Together for Coffee Talk

A monthly forum where campus leaders can come together and discuss hot topics in campus leadership and instructional practices. Join our School Success team as we work to assist campus leaders in navigating the world of instructional leadership and support each other in a collegial network.


We have announced the following webinars for our different cohorts:

ESC 18 Support

If you are looking for some great support for your campus or district we are here for you at Region 18. All you have to do is put in a professional development request and our staff will work with you to create a support plan specifically for you.
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CTE Counselor, Administrator, and Teacher Professional Development

  • CTE Counselor Professional Development Modules - CTE Programs: An Infrastructure for College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR); and Effective Advising for CTE Programs: Ensuring Access and Equity of CCMR. Link to registration flyer: New CTE Administrator and Counselor Sessions
  • New Administrator Professional Development Modules- Module 1-Data-Driven Decision Making; Module 2-Partnerships; Module 3- Program Design; and Module 4- CTE Resources. Link to registration flyer: New CTE Administrator and Counselor Sessions
  • New CTE Teacher Professional Development on these topics: Preparing CTE Teachers for Success; Understanding CTE; and Unpacking the CTE Standards, This training is offered virtually on September 7 and 8, 2022. Link to registration flyer:New CTE Teacher Sessions