Mrs. Lido's NCVPS Latin Updates

Progress Reports

Grades and Progress Reports

Progress Reports are available in NCVPS Registration.
If the current grade is below an 80, it is because the student has received 0s for missing/past due assignments (Chapters 1 and 2).
In Latin, this is our policy for grades:
  • If a student has a 0, complete the assignment, contact me to let me know the exact specific name of the assignment.
  • Students must tell me their section number. I will change the grade for them. If they do not tell me to change the 0, I will not know it needs to be done.
  • There is no penalty for late work.
  • Encourage students to review their assignments for feedback and comments and retake any assessments with multiple attempts.

Tips for Success and Reminders

  • Every week the Latin Dept. is holding LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES. Students can look at the calendar and try to attend a Live Virtual Class that fits into their schedule! They can attend anything listed with any teacher unless it says "YL" (yearlong).
  • Encourage students to communicate with me at least once a week. Please remind students to use proper email etiquette.
  • Suggest that students use to create their own Latin vocabulary study tools! It's free and easy!
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