there is approximately 46,245,297 people in Colombia in the year of 2014.

the capital is Bogota.

The size of Colombia is a hair bigger than TEXAS.

The Colombia people eat a lot of pork. potatoes, chicken, beans, corn and rice.

Colombians home life is very busy with work.

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Colombian education is a lot like MERICAS education.

They like to go scuba diving and party a lot for fun.

Colombian people have most of the sports MERICA has like motor sports, base ball and a lot more.

Colombian religion. they practice the religion of Catholicism.

Popular businesses in Colombia are clothing industries and foot transportation.

Colombia has a mixture of tropical and isothermal climates.

Some animals popular in Colombia are the condor, monkeys and the southern right well.

In Colombia you would see a mixture of tropical and desserts.

3 famous people from Colombia are Shakira a singer, Fernando Botero a painter and Sofia Vergara an actress.

People in Colombia work at their jobs for work.

Some facts about Colombia are that they are considered the happiest country in the world and the women are some times voted the most beautiful in the world.

a popular place in Colombia I would visit is Tyrona national natural park.

some major cities are Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Barranquilla.