Assalamualikum and Welcome to the New School Year!

The MSA team would like to extend a warm welcome to all the first year students as well everyone else coming back to complete their studies. May Allah make it a year filled with growth and development spiritually, academically, socially and in all other aspects of your lives. Your msa has list of events and services on campus this year and it is our hope that you can come out in join us in the events as well as make use the services that are currently offered.

A quick recap of what the MSA has been upto in the last few weeks


This year was kick started by O-Week! Alhumdulillah it was a great success from taking an all inclusive tour of the Islamic facilities on campus, all the way to free ice cream while canoeing down a river at the boathouse. It was also a pleasure to see the many new and familiar faces at the Welcome Back Dinner. Our MSA would also like to thank Laurie Schnarr (director of Student Life) and Cara Wekamp ( Manager of Intercultural Affairs) for attending our event. Also a special thanks goes out to our O-Week Coordinator Abdul Jabbar Memon for making this all possible!

Fresh New Look

New Year. New Team. New Renovations.

As many of you may have noticed the MSA office and Multi-Faith Chapel have undergone a fresh new look!

Changes in the office include:

  • New paint
  • New bookshelves
  • New Desk
  • Added Whiteboard

Feel free to drop by the office to sign out a book, converse with fellow peers or simply just to admire the much more spacious-looking office located on the second floor of the University Centre building in room 222!

The remodelled Multi-Faith Chapel is located on the fifth floor of the University Centre. The changes that have been made include:

  • New carpet, paint job and door handle
  • Room lighting fixtures
  • Air exchange system fixtures
  • Air conditioning fixtures
  • Closets have been retrofitted with shelving
  • Hooks have been placed on the walls for coats
  • Shelving on the walls for shoes

Upcoming Events to Look Forward To!

This year we have some exciting events lined up just for you! Here are just a few of the most recent and upcoming events to be on the lookout for:

Eid Dinner

This year's Eid Dinner is just around the corner with just one month to go in October! Insha'Allah we hope to get to see as many of you as possible because you wouldn't want to miss out on one of the most anticipated events of the year! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Islam Awareness Week (IAW)

This year IAW will be taking place early November from the 3rd all the way till the 7th and will be filled with week long events, displays and speaker nights at the university with the goal of educating the public upon various aspects of Islam.

Qira'atul Quran Competition (QQC)

Once again our MSA has been invited to participate in the Qira'atul Quran Competition! With QQC almost upon us in late October so start practicing your tajweed! Details will be posted soon.

Ongoing Programs

Islamic Development

Jumm'ah Prayer

Where: Room 103 - University Centre (UC) 1st floor

When: Every Friday starting at 1:30pm

Daily five prayers

Where: Chapel - University Centre (UC) 5th floor

**Remember the Wudu facility for both Brothers and Sisters is located in the UC Basement across from Peter Clark Hall (PCH)

Bi-weekly Halaqas

Topic: Tafseer of the last 10 Suras of the Quran

When: Every other Wednesday at 7:30pm starting Wednesday 24th

These bi-weekly Halaqas are going to be led by Imam Sufyan Insha'Allah and attendance is for both brothers and sisters. We hope to see you all there so start marking down your calendars!

Social Events

Bi-weekly Social Hangouts (one for brothers and one for sisters):

Where: UC 442 (Please note that location may be subject to change. We will keep you updated via Facebook)

When: The date for the first hangout will be released shortly

The social hangouts are a great way for all muslims both on and off campus to get to know one another, connect and create long lasting friendships. Your MSA wants to strengthen the connection of its members to feel comfortable, happy and stress-free through various social events.

Sisters only swim

Where: Red pool located in the campus Athletic Centre

When: Every Friday at 8pm to 9pm

The ease of exercising or even releasing some pent up energy in a sister friendly atmosphere every Friday night!

Brothers Soccer/Basketball Intramural Team

For all you brothers out there interested in either soccer or basketball you can contact Brother Ammar about joining the Intramural team. The last day to join is tomorrow for Intramurals so hurry and don't delay, sign up today!! Contact for details.

Meet the Team!

The MSA team is comprised of both executives and directors. For details on who is in the MSA team and to get in touch with them, please click on the link below:

Get Involved!

We have lots of activities planned for the year and we will need your help to make sure that it is a success. If you would like to volunteer with us, please email our volunteer Coordinator Chay Governor