Language Arts 4 - Pilgrims

The journey to civilization in North America

Assignment 5: Choice of personal response to class reading on the pilgrims

In this assignment you will be required to choose ONE of the following activities in response to our class reading: Little House on the Prairie. By the end of this assignment you will be expected to respond to this literature in both a critical and personal way, focusing on the literal events that took place, and understanding how the people of that time would have felt. This assignment will be taken in for formative marking.

1) Film a scene

Choose your favourite scene from this book, and with a few friends or by yourself, film it. Be sure that you use a tripod, and think through your acting, set, costumes, lines, etc. to an extent before filming. After you have finished the scene, film a short summary of why you liked this scene, what struggles, joys, adventures, life events, etc. you saw present, and what we can learn from this scene. (if you are with a group each do this individually).

You may use the tool: Videolicious in creating your scene. Use the following link to help you download the Videolicious app to your computer, ipad, or iphone and start creating!

Videolicious is an app you can use to create movies with multiple clips of footage, incorporating some editing and transitions, that is ideal for sharing with your friends and classmates. The best part is that it can be done in three quick and easy steps. First you choose your video clips (or photos), second you can use your apple gadget camera to record audio over top, third you can select a song from your music library to use as a soundtrack.

If you are having troubles, here is something to get you started:

Videolicious tutorial

2) Create a Flyer/Advertisement

Create a flyer using either Vanillapen or Breeze.. trying to convince people from England to move to Canada and settle here. You should include at least 5 benefits about settling in Canada, some photos, a catchy slogan, and anything else you think will be an enhancement.

Here are the links to the flyer/poster creating websites you can use: (Vanillapen allows its users to choose from a select amount of templates and create a poster for a variety of things. You can change text, colour, shape, etc. to create a personalized and exciting digital poster for any occasion.) (literally used for real estate, but can be manipulated to create a personalized poster that would be applicable for this assignment. There are a variety of templates that you can use to create your poster, and you are able to incorporate photos, text and other such things from your iPd/iPhone/computer.)

And if you are having troubles understanding how to use them, you can look on youtube for tutorials, or ask me, here is a video to get you started:

Breeze Real Estate Flyer Maker iPad App Demo

3) Draw pictures/Create a narration

Choose several scenes that stuck in your mind from this book, and draw them with any medium you choose (at least 5 scenes). Rather than handing in your hard copy, take pictures of your work and add them to a VoiceThread, recording over each picture (1) what scene you have drawn (chapter, and name), (2) why you chose it, (3) what we have/can learn from this. (you can use VoiceThread online, or you can download the iPad app from the App Store. It is a great program that allows you to add audio over pictures, animations, video, etc. There are many things you can do with this app if you take time to explore it)

This is a tutorial on how to use VoiceThread:

Create with Voicethread iPad App

4) Travelling Journel

You will be required to write 3 'journal entries' imagining that you are in the place of an individual immigrating to and settling in Canada. This could be a journal of your journey there or struggles with setting up life; it can be from the perspective of a father, mother, sister.. let your imagination soar! Rather than using a traditional journal, you will be using Evernote, a blogging app. I want you to include pictures, diagrams, links - whatever you think is relevant - in your 3 posts.

Here is a link to help you find the app: (In Evernote you are able to create notes with pictures, videos, audio files, etc. within a notebook. You can have several notebooks which allows you to organize you life on many different levels. But for this assignment we will be using Evernote as a blogging app.)

And here is a video about how to use it:

How to Use Evernote for blogging

Happy Creating Class :)

Ms. Gurnett's Help box

As always, all of these apps/tools are available to you here at the school, and if you do not have access to them at home, there will be time in class to work on them here.

If ever you get stuck, remember help is only a few steps away, don't hesitate to ask!