August 28th Update

Thank you for all your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we worked to get this school year off and running. By the time you are reading this update, we have completed 3 days of in person learning for each of our A and B students. The students have done a wonderful job maintaining social distances throughout the day, wearing their masks, and adjusting to our new normal. The teachers and staff are adjusting well to the pace of this blended model. It is our hope that some of the wrinkles will get ironed out over the coming weeks on the students, parent, and staff side of this learning model.

One of the quotes I keep hearing recently from Conscious Discipline is "My state, often dictates your state." How one person feels towards something, and how they display those feeling towards others, will often affect how the other's feel or act. Similar to turning lemons into lemonade. Often times, how we approach a difficult time or situation will determine how others feel about this situation. We understand this method of school isn't ideal, wearing a mask is uncomfortable, and limiting access to the building is pain. In light of those difficulties, we are also thankful to have the opportunity to have students here at school, even if it is only for a couple of days each week.

There are numerous times this year has felt like we are building an airplane while in the air. With that being said, our teachers and staff are working tirelessly to answer your questions, provide information or insight to the unknown, and take care of the students for both in-person and remote instruction.

Please realize that we do appreciate and have recognized all the support, patience, and understanding we have witnessed from our parents. From the PTO helping to meet our needs, to the parents following our school guidelines, and all the kind gestures, patience, and smiles. Thank you!

If the face of all our adversity, the students have been amazing in their approach and resiliency to all the change. I find myself realizing often, their state helps dictate my state. They have truly been awesome.

Together, we are all better and stronger. Together ,we will overcome and adjust to what will come our way. Together, we will find the successful path.

Moving forward, please let your child's teacher or the school know if there is anyway we can be of assistance to any of your needs, now or in the future.

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PTO Funds The Purchase of 7 Water Bottle Filling Stations

Back in July, when the district announced we would not be using traditional bubble-up water fountains in the hopes of increasing student safety, our PTO began looking into replacing fountains around the building. They were able to purchase and secure 7 water bottle fountains, which were are currently getting installed throughout the building. These are contactless fountains, which can be used to fill up water bottles in a safer manner. Our students and staff greatly appreciate having these throughout the building. Below are a couple of pictures on these bottle filling stations. Thank you PTO!
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Student Individual Picture Day - "A" Students

Monday, Aug. 31st, 9am-3pm

2300 East 33rd Street

Edmond, OK

Monday, August 31st, Chisholm "A" Students will be taking their individual school picture. Forms were sent home this past Tuesday. You can purchase your child's picture by sending in the form or going directly to OSP website.

Student Individual Picture Day - "B" Students

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 9am-3pm

2300 East 33rd Street

Edmond, OK

Thursday, September 10th, Chisholm "B" Students will be taking their individual. Order forms will be sent home with students next week. You can purchase your child's picture by sending in the form or going directly to OSP website.

Car Rider Plus

Thank you all for your patience we have worked out the kinks with our school as we get used to this new afternoon dismissal program. The Car Rider Plus company worked with some of the connection issues this past weekend, and the program has been working much more efficiently. Once students and staff get a few more days in the rear mirror, we anticipate it working smoother. Please note, we will not dismiss students without the car tag. If you misplaced or need additional tags, they are $3 for 1 or $5 for 2.

Please make sure students exit or enter the car from the curb side of the vehicle to help ensure their safety.

Student Technology Protection Plan

This protection plan cost $12.50 for the semester and helps avoid costly penalties for damaged iPads or Chromebooks. An email was sent out earlier this week, which describes this program in greater detail. You can pay for this plan through In-touch on their parent portal, or you can send a cash or check with your students by August 31st.

Boosterthon Fundraiser

Our school's PTO has always done a wonderful job supporting Chisholm over the years. From the countless volunteer hours, to the school events or programs, to the funding of numerous items, their support is always appreciated and utilized in a way that adds to our success. As previously stated in this update, our PTO purchased 7 water bottle filling stations.

Our one method of generating funds to support the numerous PTO funded programs is through the Boosterthon Fundraiser. This year's fundraiser is set to kick off next week. The daily team huddles will be replaced by virtual presentations. The Fun Run will be placed with a Dance Fit Party. Although the program will look differently this year, we know the outcome will be just as important, if not more, than in previous years.

We understand everyone's outlook is much different now, but your support and ability to generate additional exposure through sharing links to our program will go a long way in providing us the ability to navigate through this challenging time.

Below is the schedule of events:

August 31st - Boosterthon Kick Off Assembly - A link will be shared out to "B" Students.

September 1 - 10th - Daily character videos and information to correlate with the theme Sport City Now. Links will be sent to students on their remote learning days.

September 11 - Dance Fit Party - "B" Students

September 14th - Dance Fit Party - "A" Students

Avocado Aubrey, our school leader from Boosterthon again this year, will be on-hand each day to answer any questions, check in with classes, deliver prizes, etc.

We are raising funds to pay for the bottle filling stations, playground upgrades and creation of outdoor classrooms ( especially now, when we would like students to get more fresh air), PPE, etc.

Thank you for all your support with this important school fundraiser.

Upcoming Calendar

September 7 - Labor Day - No School

September 8 - No School, Teacher PD

September 11 - Dance Fit Party - B Students

September 14 - Dance Fit Party - A Students