Shawn Wilkerson

Judy's character traits

One of Judy's character traits is simply, she is a rebel. She shows that she is a rebel by the people she hangs out with. She brakes the law when she is around those guys. She was participating in the chickie run with Buzz. She also participates with Buzz about making Jim mad because they are on his car tormenting him. Judy also breaks into the house with Jim. If she had a good parents she would have known, or felt guilty about breaking into the house. Judy also shows her rebellion by the attitude she gives to her parents.

One of the most apparent character traits is Judy has love in her. She shows this love to her little brother and starts crying. She also cries when Plato died when he got shot. She has a soft side to her. She is even in love with Jim and she said that she never has been in love before she found him.

Problems for Judy

The main problem is Judy does not get the attention she wants at home. When she does not get the attention at home she becomes a brat. She looks else where for the attention she lacks from her parents. She finds Buzz that gives her attention but it is negative attention. Then she finds Jim and he gives her the positive attention she needs.

I think Judy learned from her experiences that anything can happen. She did not expect that Buzz was going to die that night. She also did not expect that she was going to fall in love with Jim. She learned that anything can happen and maybe its not a good idea to be a rebel anymore after her friend died.


Plato’s mismatched socks have a symbol to it. It shows that Plato is still a little kid and childish. It can also show that there is no one to watch out for his silly mistakes. It can also show that he does not care what people think of him. He just wants to be himself and don't worry about being accepted.