Inventions 2

MP3 Week 8

This Week's Mission: Google Slide Presentation!

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  • Week 3: Think it!: Invention idea!
  • Week 5: Explore it!: Research your invention!
  • Week 7: Sketch it!: Design sketch!
  • Week 8: Create it!: Begin designing your prototype!
  • Week 8: Try it!: What do others think?
  • Week 8: Tweak it!: Improve it!
  • Week 9: Sell it!: Create an ad!

This Week's Mission: Week 7 & 8: Create your presentation!

This Week's Mission:
  • Make a copy of the slide presentation (see link below)
  • Add your information to the slide presentation!
  • Questions? Watch the Virtual Lesson Recording below!
  • There is no Question of the Week this week!
  • Submit the link to your Slide Presentation!
  • Make sure you have "Can Comment" clicked!

*Include your design sketch by inserting an image!

*Begin creating or sketching your prototype!

*Insert sketch or image into presentation!

*This week in chat we'll discuss how to try it & tweak it!

Make a Copy of the Epals Google Slide Presentation!

Click Here: ePals Slide Presentation

Click file, then make a copy to save it to your drive so you can add your own information! Click the "T" to add your text! Click "File" then "insert" to upload and image! Questions? Check out the Virtual Lesson Recording from last week! Link below!

Questions? Watch Virtual Lesson Recording Below!

Click Here: Virtual Lesson Recording from last week!

No Question of the Week to answer this week! However, the lesson recording will show you how to create your slide presentation and insert your design sketch!

What to submit in Moodle?

  • Paste the link with "Can Comment" so I can give you feedback on your presentation!

See images below for help with Sharing link!

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Need Inspiration? Check out the ePals Website!

ePals Spark Lab! Invent It Challenge!

Click here to explore the challenge and get inspired!

See you in cyberspace!