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Week 7

News/reminders for this week:

Friday was another sad day as we said goodbye to Miss McNevin. However, she is going to be with us for one more day for the athletics carnival, which will be held on Wednesday at Beaton Park. The buses will be leaving school at 8:30.

Chimes will recommence on Thursday until the end of term.

Children can exchange library books on Thursday this week.

We are having the best time learning the tango for Unexpected Magic. Thanks to Donna and Jenny the children are learning the steps very quickly. One of the children asked me when we are going to perform the dance and was quite disappointed when he was told it wasn't for sometime!

Topic Talks:

Week 7

Stage 'talk off' will be held after assembly on Monday in the school library.

Emergency Services

Select one emergency service and explain how it helps the community and why it is important.

Week 8

Weather investigation

Investigate the weather in another country. Explain why it is different or similar to the weather in our area.

Week 9

Workers in the Community

Select one community worker and discuss their role in the community.

Week 10

Weather: My favourite season

What is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite?

Last week's photos focused on a wonderful story read by three of our talented mums/pirates Charlotte, Al and Rachel, our visitors , nurse Teigan and fireman Jeremy, and on the children learning the tango for Unexpected Magic.

Regards, Mrs Porter

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