BHR End of Year Updates

June 12, 2020

One Week Left!

Good Morning BHR Students & Families,

Believe it or not, there is one week left of this strange and memorable school year. You have nearly made it through to the other side. As we come to the end of the year, there are some important items we need to communicate.

  1. Next week, please make sure you are caught up on your school work. Grades are due from teachers Wednesday night; use this opportunity to make sure you are passing for the year.

  2. Please see our grading guidelines here for a reminder of how term four is being graded:

  3. Students not passing for the year will be required to complete some level of extended instruction, or will be retained in the fall. We are continuing to work hard to ensure that every student has met grade level expectations. Communication will be sent out late next week or early the following week to students who have not yet passed for the year.

  4. Mr. Cavanaugh has organized book return time slots for each grade, 9-11, next week. Please coordinate with Mr. Cavanaugh if you are unable to return books at that time. You will keep your chromebook over the summer. Please remember that you are responsible for it. If you are moving out of the district, please return your chromebook as well next week. See chart below for time slots.

  5. Student dues are annual and should be paid annually along with any debts and obligations. If not paid, they carry over from year to year and may prevent participation in key future events. Please check periodically over the summer as we will update account balances on X2 a couple of times per month.

  6. Over the summer, we will release the school year calendar for 2020-2021 and of course keep you updated on back to school regulations regarding Covid-19. A task force is being formed to work on the logistics and requirements of returning to school.

Thank you for your attention to these issues and your cooperation amidst all the changes and uncertainty.

Underclassmen Book Return Schedule

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