Weekly Warrior

Volume 15 Issue 1 February 19, 2019

Important Dates

Feb 20th-ACT District Test (10th/12th Students who Signed Up)

Feb 20th-Accreditation Team Visit

Feb 21st-SSR 4th Block

Feb 21st-T2 Grades Posted by 3:30

Feb 27th-Department Meetings

Feb 28th-SSR 5th Block

Mar 7th-SSR 1st Block

Mar 12th-Statewide ACT Testing Date

Mar 20th-Faculty Meeting

Mar 29th-Growth Day

Apr 1st-5th-Spring Break

Big picture

Trimester 2 RTI

Just a reminder as you are giving final exams: please let Kayla Shumaker or Kelsey Bray know of any student who has an achievable pass who will need to come to T2 Credit Recovery RTI starting this week.

Please send needs names by Tuesday, February 19. Work can be emailed or placed in their mailboxes (Kayla's is on the back side in the mail room).

AdvancEd Accreditation

The accreditation team will be in our district Feb 18-21. The district has indicated that the observations are picked randomly from the master schedule and are tentatively on the 20th from 9-11:30. Observers will be looking at how students are participating and what tools they have for learning.

Participation Rate for Non-Traditional Instruction Days

Currently our iLearnPulaski participation rates are as follows:




Once you collect iLearnPulaski assignments, there is a specific way they need to be entered into Infinite Campus in order for them to pull correctly at the district level. Follow the instructions below to enter these into IC:

iLearnPulaski Day 1--enter into IC as iLearn1 with an assigned and due date of 1/29/19

iLearnPulaski Day 2--enter into IC as iLearn2 with an assigned and due date of 1/30/19

iLearnPulaski Day 3--enter into IC as iLearn3 with an assigned and due date of 1/31/19

Please note that the i is lowercase while the L is capitalized and there are no spaces in the name of the assignment. The dates need to match the date of the actual iLearn day, and the abbreviation of the assignment doesn't have a specific name. It would be easy to abbreviate the assignments using iL1, iL2, etc., but is not required.

Final Exams and Posting Grades for Trimester 2

Final Exams will be taken Thursday, February 14th (1/3/5) and Friday, February 15th (2/4). Clubs will be held during 1st block on Friday, February 15th due to final exams in 1st on Thursday. Trimester 2 grades need to be posted by 3:30 on Thursday, February 21st.

When posting your final grades for your classes, please post in this order so that IC will calculate the grade correctly: 1st-Term Grade, 2nd-Exam Grade, 3rd-Final grade. If you didn't add a final exam category at the beginning of the trimester, you will need to do that before you are able to enter final exam grades for students.

Directions for Posting Grades:

1. Term Grade--Make sure drop down says Term, click red Post, then SAVE.

2. Exam Grade--Change drop down to Exam, add an Exam assignment, enter scores, Post, then SAVE. To add Final Exam Category--Settings-->Categories-->Name-->Weight 1-->SAVE. To add Final Exam Assignment--Add-->Name & Abbreviate It-->Choose classes-->Category Final Exam-->Exam Grade (Grading Task)-->Assign Points, Post, then SAVE.

3. Final Grade--Change drop down to Final Grade, Post, then SAVE

Call Donna Tarter in Guidance once you have your grades posted so that she can double check that they show up on her end. Please post grades for all aides, star students, lab assistants, peer tutors, and dual credit students.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.