The Hunger Games

Prepare to Die.

The Environment

The environment will consist of taiga, tundra, and grassland. The area will be in a valley between mountains. The valley will lie in the center of the valley at the lowest point - the cornucopia will be in the center of this valley. The farther you go from the valley, the higher you go as well which will translate from taiga to the tundra.

Species Found

Siafu ants are found in the grassland portion of the region and are extremely dangerous. They come in swarms of up to 5 million and will overtake a human.

Yarrow plants are plentiful in the grassland and taiga regions. These plants have multiple healing purposes.

GMO Animal

The modified animal you will find is a hybrid of a narwhale and a reindeer. This makes what looks to be a peaceful unicorn, but is actually a dangerous predator.


The contestants will wear clothing that will react to the temperature change around them. The supplies they will be able to find are bowls from making medicine from the yarrow, bug repellant, climbing boots, weapons, and more.

Pros/Cons of the Ecosystems


Pros - Can stay far away from the other contestants and can find a lot of water sources

Cons - Must avoid the narwhale reindeer.


Pros - Can find helpful plants and shelter in the trees

Cons - No nearby water source.


Pros - Can find helpful plants and water sourced

Cons - Hoards of Siafu ants