Hey fellow gossipers! Todays article is on our fabulous King Henry VIII and why he divorced from Catherine of Aragon. There are a few reasons why he chose to divorce her including: the fact that she couldn't produce a male heir, he loved Anne Boleyn and the fact that he thought his marriage was against 'God's Law'. In this issue we are going to look further into these factors.

Henry had fallen deeply in love with Anne Boleyn and was desperate for her to love him. He never gave up on her and tried to do everything including breaking from the Roman Catholic Church to get a divorce and marry Anne. So one of the reasons why he wanted a divorce was because he was so madly in love with Anne.

Henry was desperate for a male heir as he had promised his father that he would produce a son to carry on the Tudor dynasty. However Catherine was getting old and was unable to give Henry the son he always longed for. Henry thought that this may be because his marriage was against 'Gods Law' as he had married his dead brothers wife.
Catherine of Aragon had previously been married to Arthur, Henry's brother. The Bible stated that if you were to marry your dead brothers wife then you would never get a son. Henry thought that his marriage may be cursed as he and Catherine had never recieved a baby boy. Henry did not want to be in a cursed marriage so that may be one of the reasons why he wanted a divorce.