The Pirate Patch

News from Pickett's Mill Elementary School

Welcome to the Pirate Patch

The Pirate Patch will be used to communicate the great instructional and leadership happenings of PMES to our Pickett's Mill community. This format will be used in conjunction with the Blackboard Connect communication system to keep everyone informed and updated.

P.J Party Time

CALLING ALL PARTY PEOPLES (not a spelling error)! On Tuesday January 12, 2016 Pickett's Mill is having a pajama party after Chick-fil-A sprit night. Mrs. Douglas and Mr. Watson will be sleeping on the roof of the school. We hope they don't get frostbite!!!!!
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"Diligence is the mother of good luck." Ben Franklin

Thank you students for being so diligent in bringing in all of your pledges. You have Ben (no pun intended) awarded with our Principals sleeping on the roof top. The definition of diligence is the effort to accomplish what is undertaken. This picture represents the 5th grade showing diligence.
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Pirate Patch Student Editors

Fifth graders Landen and Lydia are the creative minds behind The Pirate Patch. These students take the pictures and contribute the ideas and text.
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