GRE Staff Update

July 2018

Thank You


Thank you so much for the warm welcome! The emails, texts, and visits have been amazing. I have loved learning about the incredible things happening at GRE and look forward to working together this year. Now that my time in New Albany is complete, I've been learning as much as I can about Big Walnut and GRE. I'm working very hard to get caught up so that I can be ready for our opening of the 2018-2019 school year. I know I can't do it without you-which is why I want to know even more. I have four upcoming opportunities I'm offering in order to get to know you and learn more about our school. I hope you'll consider getting involved in one if not all of the upcoming fun!

Staff Cookout-July 29th

Popsicles with the Principal-TBD

Survey to be filled out, telling me all about GRE

*Optional Face to face meetings to learn more about you and GRE-July 26, 27, 31 or Aug. 2nd

As far as communication, I know that we are all busy people who have little time to read lengthy emails. Once August hits, you can count on a staff update through email every Sunday. This will help me limit the amount of emails I send during the week so you can focus on being the best staff member for our students. I hope you'll be able to carve out time either Sunday evening or Monday morning to help you prepare for the upcoming week.

Check out below for opportunities to tell me how GRE has impacted you! Look for our next newsletter to introduce some new staff members!


Welcome Back Staff Cookout-July 29th

Click the invitation to RSVP!

Popsicles with the Principal-Date TBD

In late July I will host a meet and greet for our students and their families. We'll have popsicles and play time on the playground for a few hours in the hopes that some of our families will stop out as the school year looms close by. If you can make it, GREAT-if not, no worries. It's just a fun chance to get together to see our students...and help me learn names!