My School/Shelter in Mali,Africa

BY: Kimberly Quintanilla

Why did I choose this Topic?

Question and Answer

You may be asking: Who would spend a million dollars on building a school? Well I would.Think about it, we have,free education,most of us have free lunch,most supplies are provided at school and it is all to give us a better future.What about the kids who don't have this kind of education? Well they just wont have a better future.

That motivated me to do this project based on this topic. Seeing kids our age,smaller,or even older is depressing and makes us think about how fortunate we are to have what we have and we don't even appreciate it when there are other children that would give anything to have what we have. I've always wanted to be able to do something and give others what I have. I think that this would be my opportunity.

How the School will Work

Order and Sequence

First,the doors for school will be opened at 7:50. Breakfast will be served from 7:50 to 8:35,in the meantime the students that wont eat breakfast will sit in the auditorium and watch a movie until time to go to their first class.Their first class would start at 8:50 and end at 9:30 depending on their schedule and grade they will either go to reading,math,science,or gym.Students will get 6 minutes to transfer to their next class.Their second class will be from 9:36 to 10:22.Third class will be from 10:28 to 11:14.After third class is lunch.Lunch is from 11:18 to 12:09.Fourth class will be from 12:14 to 1:00.Students are required to take one extra curricular activity which are from 1:06 to 2:06 after the end of the day students are allowed to go home.

Lunch and Breakfast!

Compare And Contrast

For Breakfast many Malian's eat Bouille which is sweet milk served with cereal. A main course they eat is rice,millet (looks like baby corn),soraghum (looks like baby red corn), and beans mixed together served with a fish or meat sauce. Most people drink djablani which is juice made of hibiscus,ginger or fruit of the baobalo tree.A famous dessert is Pancake doughnuts,which is made mostly made of rice flour and millet four.This is all different compared to an American lunch,breakfast,dessert, and drink. For example for breakfast most of us just have milk and cereal which they do too in Mali except that theirs looks like rice pudding. For lunch well we usually just have a burger from a fast food restaurant. For a drink its usually just a coca-cola.
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Mali's Education

Problem and Solution

One major problem in Mali is that they can be 7 to 16 years to go to school . Also they only have primary and secondary education . Unlike us , we have elementary , middle and high school . We have the choice of going on to college or university . A solution for this would be to build a school for these kids and teens .


Cause And Effect

Building a school in Mali will cause great effects . Not only to the kids and teens that attend to school . But also they're future life . They will have good careers with good jobs and make good money .

About Mali


Mali has a GDP per Capita of 715.13 . It's capital is Bamako . Mali has a population of 15.3 million people . It has literacy rate of 33.4% . Mali's government is a Republic Democracy. Most Malians speak french but English is also a common language.90% of Malians are Muslims although the other 10% are Christians.Music is very important in the culture of Mali which is why the Festival In The Desert is one of the most important holidays in the Malian culture.