Holocaust Content Questions

By: Morgan Thunberg

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

Camp life changed the prisoners by making them seem like God is to blame for all of it. They totally lost faith and they became very weak/ill. Some prisoners maybe became more conceited and greedy because things were very scarce. It changed them as a family because mostly all of them separated and went into different work camps. They became very distant, but would still continue to think and pray for one another while they were away from each other. Families became more scared and worried for each other but would still try their best to stay positive and happy. Camps changed prisoners relationships with others by them becoming more loving of each other since they knew the end was coming so they should cherish each moment they had with that person. Some prisoners tried to help one another by staying positive and telling them it will all be okay. But, some friendships could have gotten ruined because of maybe a fight over food or something that was not common at that time.

What are three themes in this novel?

Three themes are: Never stop staying positive, Always keep faith in God, and Family.

Never stop staying positive- Staying positive while a prisoner was very hard because of all the rough times they went through but some managed to keep their positive attitude. The people who stayed positive probably survived a little better because they thought of everything in a happy way instead of thinking it as "life or death".

Always keep faith in God- This was important because suffering at that time either destroyed or strengthened your faith. For Elie, it destroyed his faith but I would definitely have it strengthen mine because I would think God would be right by my side through the whole thing and wouldn't stop thanking him for putting another day in my life.

Family- family was very important in that book because you had nothing else to hold on to but your family in the camps. They were the ones that were always there for you and for some people, all that kept them alive was knowing that their family was safe.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

It made me realize how lucky I am today that I didn't have to be a part of that, and it also made me realize how cruel people can be and what horrible things they can do. I think what we have today we take for granted and we definitely shouldn't do that because life was so much more rough back then, and they couldn't take much things for granted. I can't even imagine the conditions they had during that time.