by Erika Fortune


-He was born around 1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy


-He spent most if his time in Venice, Italy

-Studied painting with Giovanni and Bellini

-Traveled and worked for many different artists

-Emperor Charles V, Philip II, and Pope Paul III favoured his work
-He was known as a great artist of Italian Renaissance
-He was a great master of religious art
-He used chiaroscuro or a contrast of light and dark
-the creator of mythological compositions

-Died August 27, 1576 in Venice, Italy

"The painting has a certain elegance, serenity, gracefulness, and charm that are characteristic of Titian's painting"

Flora (Florence)

-This piece was created in 1515AD

-This piece helps understand how Titian devoloped contrasting skin, facial, and hair tones to look realistic

-Unlike others Titian did not use a background of nature, but instead a plain, dark background to focus more on the women in the center of the painting

-Titian's "plain, dark background" gave this painting a Classical ambiance of earlier periods

-The flowers in her right hand indicates she is the ancient goddess of Flora

-The thin sheer gown helps represent the time period and wealth

-This piece of art shows a lot of elegance, serenity, charm and gracefulness

-Flora represents Humanism because Titian focused on making this paint look realistic to a human instead of religious related