Volume 1 Issue 16 February 1st, 2016 Principal Johnson

Important Dates:

  • Faculty Meeting- Mon., 2/1 @ 3:05 in the library
  • School Leadership Committee Meeting- Mon., 2/1/ @ 2 pm in the library
  • Priority Schools Implementation Team Meeting- Tues., 2/2 @ 1:30 in the library
  • Achieve 3000- Tues., 2/2 Grades 2-5 During GL Meetings in the Library Lab
  • Awards Assembly- Fri., 2/5 PK-2 @ 9:00 3-5 @ 1:30 Location to be announced

Ms. Adams will be in the building on Tues. 2/2 and Thurs., 2/4, and will attend GL meetings on Thursday.


This district-wide workshop is being presented by our District Coaches, and will be hosted at Leeds Avenue School. There will be an in-house contest for Grades 3-5: The grade with the greatest parent participation in the workshop will win a PIZZA PARTY!

Classroom Observations and Walk-Throughs

Principal Johnson has been very impressed with the quality of lesson delivery in many of our classrooms. Please continue doing that which you do best!

Classroom Behavior Referrals

Principal Johnson has received data on behavior referrals, and will be conducting GL Meetings to discuss the findings.

Report Cards are being printed Monday. Please distribute on Tuesday, and remember to keep a hard copy for your files.