Tania Damle, Suraya Javeri, Samantha Hair, Victoria Rea

Allocation of Resources and Income Distribution

Most of Switzerland's resources are imported, which causes resource allocation. Most of Switzerland's products are luxury goods (Cartier), which means that's their resources are given to the higher end of the income distribution. Because Switzerland produces mostly luxury goods and are successful, we can infer that their income distribution is on the higher end.

Gini Coefficient: 28.7 (2012)

Exports: $229.2 billion (2013) --- $226 billion (2012)

Imports: $208.5 billion (2013) --- $190.9 billion (2012)

Services: 72.5%

BANKING!!! Tourism, insurance

Industrial: 26.8%

Machinery, Textiles, watches, chemicals,

Agricultural: .7%

Grains, fruits, vegetable, meats, eggs

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Public or Private?


The resources used to produce the products in Switzerland are mostly imported, by both the public and private sector, due to lack of natural resources. The public sector and private sector are fairly equal in uses of resources in the country
  • Medical products and services
  • Specialized industries
  • Bank services
Private sector
  • Watches
  • Gold/jewelry
  • Bank services

Economic Decisions

In Switzerland, both the public and private sectors make economic decisions due to their fairly equal consumption of resources and role in the economy, however, the public sector's decisions would impact an greater number of people (domestically) compared to private economic decisions.
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Sustainable Development?

It’s not very clear if Switzerland is practicing sustainable development or not based on the products listed above. However we are talking about Switzerland, and just a bit of research will clarify that they are environmentally friendly.

Economic Growth?

This country is experiencing economic development. The products listed above are all luxury items so this means that since Swiss people have more disposable income to spend, the country is experienced economic growth. If they were not experiencing growth, then they would not be buying expensive watches.

Product Rationing

Switzerland has one of the most stable mixed market economies in the world and therefore uses a price rationing system due to the fact that higher end of income distribution.