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Parent Express Bulletin #5

Middle School Clubs!

Dear HBMS Families,

It was great spending time with you this past week. Thank you for making time to attend Open House!

This week, we are excited to begin our first full week together at HBMS. This week, we'll add after-school clubs to the mix as our newest routine! Our clubs that meet beyond the traditional school day are valuable, because this is where our students learn through exploring interests and discovering passions. Our students build friendships, and can challenge themselves and one another as learners, all while they have authentic "real-world" learning experiences. Clubs have an "open enrollment" so we continually invite our students to try them out. Please encourage your child to join our clubs, alone or with a friend, to see which ones are their favorites.

The majority of our clubs are after-school, starting immediately following 9th period and concluding at 3:10 pm. Late bus service is available to those students who normally ride a bus to and from school. The only thing students need is a bus pass from the teacher who runs the after school club they chose to attend.

Parents can stay "in the know" on what's happening after school in several ways.



This link, which is found on our school website, includes our daily announcements. These are on display in throughout the building and throughout the school day. So, while your child may hear about these events, or read about them in his/her pod, the hallway, or the cafeteria, now you can also access these, to stay up-to-date on what's happening. This resource may be of help to you, in addition to what's shared in the weekly PTO PEX.



This attachment, which is part of our school website, will provide you with information on when and where our after school clubs will meet. Club advisors, who are also listed, will further extend their communication. You are encouraged to contact them via email at firstinitiallastname@hbschools.us (ex. jsmith@hbschools.us .) Please reach out to them with questions.

October is when the fun truly begins with our extended school day options for middle schoolers. We never underestimate the importance of this time beyond the school day, because we've noticed that for some adolescents, staying after school is the reason they are excited to come to school in the morning. Each and every one of these opportunities extends learning, from the classroom to the "real-world".

Thank you for making the time to be an essential part of our school-home partnership!


Mr. Schug

5 Resources to Support our Middle School Journey

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