Cow Milk Production

By Josh And Kelvin

Jersey cows have the highest milk fat content

They produce a lot of butterfat milk. The male cows can be trained into fine oxen. These cows also adapt to hot temperatures. Some are even bred in Brazil.

The top 3 cows that produce in milk are

1. Holstein Cattle Breed - Produces 32,740kg of milk in 365 days

2. Norwegian Red Cattle Breed - well known for his milk they produce 10,000kg of milk a year.

3. Kostroma Cattle Type- they live for 25 years, produce 10,000 kilograms of milk every year.

Dual Purpose Cows

1. Ayrshire- weigh up to 1,600lbs and produce 20,000 pounds of milk a year

2. Canadienne- they weigh up to 1,600lbs and produce milk under poor conditions