Out of the Dust By:Karen Hesse

Project (Ashley Pablo)

The help that was given

  • Doc Rice helped Billie Jo take care of her hands.
  • Billie Jo gave Franklin's clothes to the orphan at the church and the baby girl at the school.
  • The ladies at the night school gave and cooked food for Billie Jo and Pa.
  • The sheriff gave sugar to the teacher to make sweets for the children

Reasons why the person that received help needed aid and what might have happened if he/she would have not received the help

  • If Doc never helped Billie Jo with her hands, they would have stayed scared
  • If Billie Jo would had never given clothes to the babies they would have been cold from not having any clothes to protect them
  • Pa and Billie Jo would have starved if the didn't get any food to eat
  • Billie Jo would have never tasted how it feel to have sweets without dust