John Brown Murders 5 slave owners

The Kansas Nebraska act

The Kansas Nebraska act repelled and put the Missouri compromise aside. It was proposed by Stephen Douglas. Some out comes are, It made Kansas and Nebraska organized into territories. The new political party was the republican party and Kansas would be a bloody race to settle. The act was so that Kansas and Nebraska could be reopened to slavery.

Today we interviewed an eyewitness who was there while all of this was happening. We asked what it was like when John brown and others killed the slave owners their response is it was a scary scene to be in because we didn't know who would be killed. Next we asked how did you feel towards his actions their response I feel like he shouldn't have done it because then it lead to the summer killing. Last question if you were John Brown would you kill the 5 slave owners? Their response no i wouldn't kill the slave owners because everyone has different beliefs and should not take his anger on him.